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  1. Kis liye Forex trader aapna money khote hain?
  2. Kitne waqt tak Demo trade karna jarori hain?
  3. Mere nuksaan ka karan
  4. Demo vs Real
  5. Sabse low leverages aapne kaunsa used kiya hain?
  6. Kya aap volatile market me trade karte hain?
  7. Real real hota hain aur demo demo...
  8. Kaunsa pair beginner ke liye easy hain?
  9. For Beginners, How to Start Forex Trading??
  10. Kitna $ aapko forex trading me invest karna chahiye?
  11. Kis tarah news se bache?
  12. Kya forex ke under jaadu ki chaadi hain?
  13. Naye logo ke liye kaunsa account acha hota hain?
  14. Kaha se Muft signal mileaga?
  15. Kya aap Aaram kar sakte hain jan aapka position khula rehta hain?
  16. Aapne ab tak kitne bar withdraw kar chuke hain forex broker se?
  17. Aapke hisab se ekdum kharab pair kaunsa hain forex me?
  18. Kya aapko forex khud sikhna chaye ya kisi se iski madad lene chaye?
  19. Forex kyu?
  20. Forex trader hero ya zero??
  21. Kya aap trade karte hai ya phir bet?
  22. Manual trading - best trading strategy.
  23. Forex vs stock market.
  24. Forex is too risky, so why you still doing trading?
  25. What do you do when you loss?
  26. High leverage lead to higher loss???
  27. How many pips do you think is safe for SL ?
  28. Hedging & SL.
  29. Why some brokers don't allow scalping?
  30. Trading every day,or wait.
  31. Top 10 Mistakes Traders Make (newbie just look it).
  32. What is your favorite pair?
  33. Kya aapko lagta hai ki bade bonus wale broker scam hote hai?
  34. What will do When you are in low spirit in forex trade?
  35. Sabse jada harmful kaun hai? Fear or Greed?
  36. Forex or HYIP?
  37. Does forex help us to develop our abilities for other online businesses?
  38. Advantage of partnership Forex trading.
  39. Forex trading requirement must know all!!
  40. Steps that must take before or after trading...newbies just look out it.
  41. Daily profit in forex, possible or impossible?
  42. How to Identify the Good and True Trend
  43. How did trading change your life?
  44. What you found useful in this forum?
  45. Why the forex market of choice for traders or investors around the world ??
  46. The most important reasons that lead to the loss in forex trading?
  47. Daily Routine You Must Follow, Before Trade, During Trade & After Trade.
  48. Ku jyadatar new trader eur/usd ko pasnd karte he?
  49. Aap agar 100$ invest karte he to aap har hafte kitne profit ki umeed karte he?
  50. My daily trading experience.
  51. Discipline In Trading???
  52. Qualities of a Good trader
  53. Know about forex trading history
  54. Currency pairs to start with as a beginner?
  55. The Best Way To Trade.
  56. Why does previous support become resistance and vice versa?
  57. What are the requisites to become successful in trading?
  58. How do you identify with the good and true Trend.
  59. Advice from Master Trader.
  60. Is it possible to make 50$ daily with an equity of 200$?
  61. Marriage is not good for health in forex.
  62. Do you believe in Forex Robots?
  63. How do you calculate stop loss and take profit targets?
  64. [Ask] How much a reasonable capital for forex?
  65. Example of effect of news in trading.
  66. Are You a Part time Trader or Full time Trader?
  67. Is less investment is hurdle for good tradings?
  68. Which trends do you think is best for us to follow?
  69. If you managed to get a profit?
  70. How long you in front of the chart?
  71. Trading with mobile.
  72. Ride the Trend and Enjoy !
  73. Do You need Luck in Forex ?
  74. Line Chart, Bar Chart or Candlestick Chart ?
  75. Tension and depression is more than Earning ?
  76. Can you become Millionaire ?
  77. Easy to Join ,Hard to Leave ?
  78. Can I only Buy and close the orders.
  79. My Golden rules.
  80. Survival skills??
  81. What is best time for trading .
  82. Should borrow money for trading??
  83. Do You Always have Plan B?
  84. how forex can make as living.
  85. How easy to book profit from swaps without risk?
  86. Forex Hours What are the Best Forex Trading Hours?
  87. Winners Mentality.
  88. Can we trade without indicators???
  89. How to determine the perfect stop loss order?
  90. Feel Aggressive or Regret after Loss.
  91. What is Your Scalping Indicator?
  92. Parameter of Analysis.
  93. How can we cure emotional trading?
  94. Is there any end to forex??
  95. Good Management of margin.
  96. How to keep your self motivated?
  97. Do you lock your profit in your trades?
  98. What makes you still run this forex business, despite the frequent Loss ???
  99. Account Type Difference.
  100. Forex trading karte waqt ke bad habits bataye.
  101. True or fake breakout?
  102. How do you choose your broker forex ?
  103. Discipline of mind is the key to successful operation.
  104. Largest number of pips trader can make in one day!
  105. Best trading tools about which most of the new comers are unaware.
  106. What is scapling ?
  107. The Benefits of Forex Trading.
  108. how many times did you blow your account or wipe out ??
  110. Whats your Risk percentage per trade?
  111. What is your perfect stop loss plan and take profit plan while trading?
  112. We need to be psychologically strong to make good money like experts.
  113. Ek he point par Buy or Sell.
  114. Tips (trading signals) lene chahiye ya nahi?
  115. Requirements of Scalping.
  116. 6 Books For Forex Beginners.
  117. Forex trading pe daily kitna time dena chahiye?
  118. Can I be a trader at all.
  119. Why there is big spread in Gold?
  120. Make profit !!!!
  121. Using Trailing Stops to Protect Profits.
  122. Plz some one tell me about Support, Resistence and Moving Average.
  123. Stocks vs Forex vs Bullion Trading.
  124. Does your trades and strategies get influenced by others opinion?
  125. Reason for stop loss if you know price will return after some time?
  126. Is it possible to trade multiple accounts on Meta Trader?
  127. Main reasons for loss:
  128. Do you like to use EA (robot) or manual trading?
  129. Pivot Points.
  130. Is it safe to deposit big amount like 50,000USD with a forex broker?
  131. How do you trade forex after a busy and tiresome day?
  132. How much money is required to work a daily profit of $ 600 ???????
  133. Technical knowledge For Forex.
  134. 1:1000 leverage is it really worth using?
  135. Starting Investment For beginner ?
  136. What you think is average % we can make in forex?
  137. What is candlestick ?
  138. How to Trade with Gold/Silver/Crude oil.
  139. What is the use of VPS for Forex Traders.
  140. Best way for deposit?
  141. What is use of bolinger band?
  142. What is importance of news in forex trading?
  143. How much minimum investment to trade with 8 lots?
  144. What is the roll of Broker in Forex trading?
  145. Use of take profit tool.
  146. What is your biggest profit in a day in forex?
  147. Where to gain knowledge?
  148. Is your winning trade turn to lose?
  149. Is paypal better to use?
  150. Aap 1000$ loss karne ke baad kaunsi strategy banayenge profit ke liye!!!!
  151. What leverage you use?
  152. Stop loss and Take Profit Hunter.
  153. What is EA and How to use it?
  154. Why some brokers have high minimum deposit?
  155. Which one is better to trade " futures " or " option '"
  156. Can brokers know when a position goes up and when it go down?
  157. How your trading varies from day to day?
  158. Using Bonus for investing.
  159. How much need to invest in forex?
  160. Risk Management in Forex Trading.
  161. What you will do.when you position 300$+ loss?Close or not??
  162. Forex a hard way of Living.
  163. How long i can keep my trade open?
  164. How do you deal with successive losses?
  165. Which brokers are good those charge commission or those charging spread?
  166. Become a Successful Forex Trader.
  167. Benefits of Forex Trading.
  168. What is confluence in forex trading?
  169. Hume zyada knowledge kahan se milti hai? forum ya trading?
  170. How much time we should spend in demo before going to live trading?
  171. High volatility - not every thing is done under chart patterns only.
  172. Do you trade on borrowed advises or on your own analysis?
  173. Do you consider trading just a hobby or you are a serious trader?
  174. Share 2 best things you learnt from forex
  175. Aap kaunsa indicator/s use karte ho?kya apko profit milta hai?
  176. Kya trading kichad hai?
  177. Forex Trading - How To Master The Art of Timing
  178. 5 Tips for forex beginners.
  179. Forex trading is an Art or Science?
  180. Do you like to invest all your capitals in Forex market?
  181. Is Forex really a gamble ?
  182. 20 Rules Of Trading Forex With Discipline.
  183. 11 Rules of Successful trading ...!
  184. How To Find The Most Effective Forex Strategies?
  185. Is it possible to make a good living trading ordinary leveraged spot-forex?
  186. Learning Curve for Forex Trading ?
  187. What is the best strategy to trade on forex?
  188. What would happen if an extremely skilled forex trader trades forex??
  189. If you trust any indicator 100% what will happen?
  190. Forex candle graph is differed from broker to broker?
  191. [ASK] Why people prefer the Forex to make money?
  192. Why do traders recommend risking only 2% per trade?
  193. News Source?
  194. Is stoploss is mandatory in every trade??
  195. Common Mistakes of a Trader.
  196. Why Trader Fails in the Trading.
  197. Moving Average.
  198. Rules for Controlling Emotions in your Trading.
  199. what happens at stop loss point???
  200. How do you help yourself to relax while your trades are in action?
  201. Forex is money sucking machine?
  202. profit $100 ke baad trading?
  203. Is it possible for a professional Forex trader to earn 20% a month?
  204. What Do You Know About Сurrencies And How Can It Trade On The Forex Market?
  205. How much averagely forex trader earn per month?
  206. Is there any possible way to detect the trend early?
  207. Whats less risky options trading or forex trading 100:1?
  208. Why do so many people blow their accounts on forex?
  209. How many pips does the average retail forex trader make?
  210. Worst trading day.
  211. In forex, how many pips does it take to double your money?
  212. What are the forex currency pairs that usually have low spread (2 PIPS or less)?
  213. What is Technical Analysis???
  214. Scalping or Swing ??
  215. Trading systems and indicators are just tools.
  216. Look at this Equation:: greed<=>risk=lose.
  217. Trade with fundamental analysis (Set Buy Stop and Sell Stop In The Same Time)
  218. Always lower your trade size when you are trading poorly.
  219. Foggy trading Time.
  220. What method of trading do you use ??
  221. Be disciplined every day, in every trade.
  222. What will you do "If there is no clear Trend the whole Day Long"?
  223. Are you usually making your own analysis or refering to others?
  224. Will you still trade in forex when you become Millionaire?
  225. Have you ever thought about giving up trading in forex?
  226. What do you think forex market,useful or harmful?
  227. should we start with forum bonus?
  228. Have you ever got a trading account managed by the professtional traders?
  229. Is it worth for us to choose the best time to trade in forex?
  230. Hoping and Praying Do not guarantee success!
  231. What are the advantages of Instaforex?
  232. What is most common time frame for day trading?
  233. How to Avoid Taking Profits Too Quickly and Staying with Losing Trades Too Long
  234. Why choose the intraday trading?
  235. Tips - Strategy Intraday Trading
  236. 5 essential Psychological Trading.
  237. Buy the first pullback after a new high.
  238. Analysis as a trader and make managemet as a gambler.
  239. Buy and Buy or Sell and Sell until get the Profit is it good strategy no Stoploss.
  240. Can experience in forex teach us how to gain profit?
  241. "One day we can prove to be a successful trader" Right or Wrong?
  242. How important the use of indicators in your trading?
  243. Forex Trading as your Career Profession.
  244. Mving stop loss to break even or in the profit zone??
  245. Make strategies before you start anything.
  246. How to use an indicator?? (Indicator ko kaise use karte hain)
  247. Stock earnings vs Forex earnings?
  248. Bhaiyo mere ko trend ko lekar kafi confusion hai.
  249. The best trading psychology.
  250. Learning is better than Earning!!!