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Thread: hot keys for mt4

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    Quote Originally Posted by edison View Post
    please post hot keys for mt4 so that all traders use mt4 fastly
    I still do not know much about the hot keys that exist on this MT4 sir, I always use the manual way if I'm going to use an MT4 trading for me is the way I
    so then I'll be able to get new things in the tread if there will be a sharing of knowledge with me here

  2. FC
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    of course pretty much everything short important along with very hot important is extremely useful.. plus in case ought open up multicar of different match inside r incurable.. merely... work with loss regarding alter your chart from to different.. yeti mister.. work with it.. maze ate hand.

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    fastidious stake, it is really accommodation for me, so now i attain duplicate for it and convey you real often my mortal...
    and maybe if you ease change many hot keys mt, then i testament act for them

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    there are many hot keys to make trade or close trade in the forex market but there are many options to do these works available on the forex trading software's,and with these options you make and close your trade also for beginners these options is good then the hot keys.

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    there are many keys in meta trader 4 this key is very help full for me because this is the short keys in forex trading market i like meta trader 4 in the world because this short keys is very easy and best for example f1 help me

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    mujhy nahi pata tha keh iski hot keys bhi hoti hain anyhow thank you for sharing this post mujhy is sy sekhny ko bahut kuch mila phir bhi banda in hotkeys ko use karny sy darta hai kiyun keh yeh business ka masla hai thora bahut dar tu rahy ga na

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    When strengthen or weaken the allied certain value in the currency against other currencies, this creates opportunities to make a profit. For example, if you think that the currency will weaken the value of the euro against the US dollar, the euro selling in this current would be the appropriate deal. While if you think that the US dollar will weaken against the Japanese yen or the British pound, the dollar selling in this case would be a wise decision. Stay abreast of news and current events also will be prepared is essential in Forex Trading. Some people pray to the degree will enable them to predict potential changes in the value of a currency based on economic and political news in this country. But remember, in any case that forex trading is essentially a kind of speculative for this Be careful when managing your finances is not only trade with money that you can afford to risk them.
    You must identify yourself including incentives that affect them.Recognize these things will help you overcome them or use them. Ah, you say now? And now what ? Believe me,thanx
    If you want to invest in the range of nine pm Thursday night when you have the opportunity to focus on the market, it will also enable you simply that you trade you like by one Forex Trading Systems. Yet, even though the markets are working on the four and twenty hours a day, but it's important to be aware of times when the truth of the activity of the market to help you trade in the most appropriate times.
    Forex market remains open to the four and twenty hour a day, every financial center (such as New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Australia) has its own operating hours, which are usually between eight in the morning and fourth pm local time. This means that in the eighth am (Tokyo time) through Monday morning, the Tokyo market will be open to work even though the time in the United States then will be the tenth pm EST Sunday night. You can thus take advantage of trading in the forex market on Sunday evening and you are a resident of the apartment in New York where markets closed. the trade opportunities will be better when markets overlap or work more hours, for example,
    the markets in New York and London overlap from eight in the morning to twelve pm EST the United States. The London and Tokyo markets are working together in the period of three in the morning until four in the morning EDT. Sydney and Tokyo markets overlap from the seventh to the second pm am EDT. This overlapping of hours is the best time for trading where trading volumes (liquidity) in the top grades.
    The link between the currencies is Danoa and therefore may be changed at any moment. Know the relationship over the past few days, and then compare it with the degree of the relationship in the long run, for example, to transfer during the past year. If the correlation coefficient in the short term significantly different than in the long term, this may give you the opportunity to tradeFundamental analysis is a market that is only carried out using the "real"
    events and economic data associated with currency traded analysis process. Fundamental analysis is used not only in Forex but is part of the financial planning and forecasting processes. There are a number of concepts are the main parts of the process in the forex fundamental analysis are as follows: interest rates, central banks meetings and decisions, any economic news. Fundamental analysis is the most natural in the construction of expectations in the forex market the way
    Technical analysis is the analysis of the market process relying solely on digital market data, quotes, charts, technical indicators are simple and complex, supply and demand volumes, historical market data, and so the basic .alvkrh behind technical analysis runs from the Muslim functional dependence of the data and technical market in the future with Technical data for the market in the past. Along with the fundamental analysis, technical analysis is believed to be self-sufficient in the sense that it can be used alone without the other in a successful trade in the forex market. In practice, both methods of analysis are used electronic recommended .ketb in the field of technical analysis is Forex
    So if you have mastered all the possible ways to analyze the market and become able to do accurate predictions of the behavior of the forex market in the future, however, you may not be able to earn any money without following a sound strategy for the management of capital
    Capital management in Forex (as in other financial markets) is a complex set of rules that the rolling developed in order to fit the style of his business and the amount of money allocated by the trade .adarh capital plays an important role in achieving profits in the forex market; therefore do not reduce the value
    While learning a lot about market analysis and capital management is a necessary step in order to become a successful trader

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    Hi! traders, I fiend this useful shortcuts :
    Alt+1 — display the chart as a sequence of bars (transform into bar chart);
    Alt+2 — display the chart as a sequence of candlesticks (transform into candlesticks);
    Alt+3 — display the chart as a broken line (transform into line chart);
    Alt+A — copy all test/optimization results into the clipboard;
    Alt+W — call the chart managing window;
    Alt+F4 — close the client terminal;

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  12. PAMM
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    sabhi poster bhaiyon ko mera dhnyawad unho ne bahut hi acchi jankari yahan post ki hain hotkeys ke sath trading ka apna allag maza hai kyonki sirf ek button ke dabane matra se sare kam ho jate hain.

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