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Thread: Up to 10% ROI (daily)

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    Thumbs up Up to 10% ROI (daily)

    Hello, dier forum members and staff.

    Please don't consider this thread as a scam or spam, because it is not!
    With that in mind let's go by parts.
    This message from me goes to advertisment page, because this is paid service from me ( I am individual ). I am not a trader myself, unfortunately this is not for me! Nothing to hide, and I'll be honest!

    Let's move to the part about service.
    I can provide you with 90%+ accurate forex trading signals every day. Why I'm saying 90% accurate? Because all targets I'm saying are mostly hit! No BS.
    I'm giving out the targets for the next whole day, all you need is to wait when conditions align and levels are reached, and enter the trade! You can go with Real account right away no need for demo!
    Everybody who is interested, please contact me - PM, and we can discuss the plan! I am offering to everyone one free day full analysis, and we can watch how it goes together! Please before calling me a scammer, try this one day analysis and then consider what you think. I'm not scamming or spamming here, or promessing you what I cannot do, all this is real deal!
    Unfortunatelly Signals will be available only for next 4 months, because the signals source will go down after that time! .. but anyway, I think everybody can try them out and we can make a deal for the next 4 months.
    Please PM me, then we can talk on phone and go for analysis, for the current time and situation.
    But really please do not slander me, or call me scammer before trying for yourself. I am confident that's why I offer 1 day full analysis!
    I am in front of my computer 24/5 so you will receive response quickly and I will be online with anyone.

    Just try it, and you will see that this is good service that I can offer to you ( for next 4 months only unfortunatelly )

    Best Regards - Tadas.
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