Hello everyone and trader member of this forum , let me share a script in this thread to help trader , especially for new professional trapping volatile to take advantage of the trading strategy using the new trapping .

A . Script Buy Stop and Sell Stop -> Order Deferred With OCO.ex4

little explanation :

Distance is the distance between seed prices running and your contribution to this parameter. example : you set the distane : 10 and you attach this script at a price of 1.3100 ( bid price ) EURUSD . if the script make a purchase stop to 1.3113 (3 pips spread of bid and ask ) and a stop at 1.3090 sale .

OCO : if you set true when there is a pending order has been received , the other pending order will be closed automatically. so if you have a buy stop and a stop sale , if the judgment was struck purchase due to price movements , stop your sale will be automatically closed at the moment. if you set wrong when you order being struck me the other pending order will remain there until you close it manually or are affected by the price.

2 . Close all script commands -> close all lengkap.ex4

little explanation :

if you want to close all orders, including orders, you must set CloseAllSymbols : True (if you have an open position with more than one pair ) and put CloseOpenOrdersAndCancelPending : True

if you want to close certain position, just choose some criteria in the input parameter you want to close.

I had two free from the Internet script , and I do not know whos the manufacturer of these two scripts, so I'll just give credit to the author of those script.

I hope that you can be successful in the trade using strategy trapping news ..
happy profit