Have you ever dreamed of becoming a successful day trader, making a bulk lot of fortune? But the reality is many day traders are very struggling. They might come up with a solid trading plan but still not pull it off. Because everyone has blind spots. If you also happen to step into the five following mistakes, you aren’t likely to become a successful day trader.

1. Sticking to Just One Type of Asset

There is nothing wrong with focusing on one type of trading asset and getting a deep understanding. The problem is it will increase your exposure to the risks and volatility if you stick to one. Diversification is never out of the table in personal finance. By diversifying your trading assets, you are able to manage your overall risk exposure and adjust it in a more flexible way. For instance, commodities like gold or crude oil might perform differently from stocks and forex, which gives the possibility of hedging your risk in case one of your trading asset goes bad.

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2. Overlook the economy
Solely focusing on analyzing charts and indicators won’t bring you further. The financial world doesn’t work like that. It is impacted by various factors. It’s the sensibility and reactions of global events and the economic picture that separate the newbies from veterans. By staying alert to key events such as interest rates, reports of GDP, inflation, and geopolitical tensions, you are able to sense the market and make quicker decisions on top of that.

3. Lacking knowledge of the financial market

To be a well-rounded day trader requires not only skillsets but also a bird’s eye view of how the markets function. Things like order flow, liquidity, and volatility can have a huge impact on your game. By picking up the knowledge of market fundamentals, you’ll be able to speculate the market in a more comprehensive way.

4. Ignoring trade execution quality

It’s one thing to formulate a decent trading strategy, it’s another thing to execute it. And that’s what many day traders have been neglecting. Things like the speed per execution, the accuracy of the prices you get, and the transaction fee you get charged can deeply influence your profits. The quality of a trading platform’s order routing and market access can influence the bid-ask spreads they are able to offer clients. It’s essential to pick up a platform that offers tight spreads, fast execution, and low transaction costs to maximize the profit you lock in.

5. Neglecting Record-keeping
As human beings, we usually forget things. It’s always a good habit to write down stuff or document things you value, and so is your trading. The best way to evaluate your strategy is to record your trades and analyze them. Every time you review the details like the positions you enter and exit, your risk-reward ratio, the market conditions, the reason you make that move, etc. You will be able to find out the spot for improvement.

Note that this article is informational and does not constitute financial advice. Trading involves risk, ensure you are proceeding with caution and careful consideration regarding your financial state.