An interview with our Chinese partner ZhangBin where he talks about his experience of working with EXNESS and his plan for business expansion. Here's an overview:
Q: How long have you been with Exness as an regional representative?
A: I have been with Exness since 2011 but i officially become an regional representitive in 2014 march
Q: How long it takes you to consider the role of being an Exness regional representitive?
A: It takes me about 6 month to consider the this role as i see the achievement with Exness in the near future.
Q: Since you have been an regional representative for awhile, what have you archieve during this transition and how Exness have help you in your business expansion?
A: Exness have been a great support to Chang Sha office operation for online support and product solution materials. Also we will be working closely with Exness for our future plan on this regional office training program.
Q: Will you be conducting any seminars and beginner course for new Exness client?
A: Yes we will be conducting such training for new clients as i have notice most of our vip client do not have good understanding about this industry.
Q: Do you see an expansion in the Chang Sha office in 1 year time?
A: We are working on a 1 year plan with Exness and if everything goes smoothly we should see an expansion in the Changsha office.
Q: Can you share some of your plan in Changsha office?
A: We will be exploring some online activity and App creation to increase our client database.
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