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Thread: TS-Osc - Vertex FX Indicator

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    TS-Osc - Vertex FX Indicator

    The TS-Osc is a Vertex FX Oscillator based on the change in closing prices. It is a powerful indicator for determining change in trends.

    The TS-Osc indicator comprises of two components, the main TS-Osc (BLUE) and the Signal (RED) component. To calculate the TS-Osc, we first calculate the differences between the current and previous close, and similarly the absolute difference between the current and previous close. The EMA of the above two differences for the R_FIRST duration is calculated. We again calculate the EMA of the calculated EMAs for R_SECOND duration. The ratio of this EMA to that of the absolute EMA is multiplied by 100, and this value is the TS-Osc.

    The Signal component is the SIGNAL_PERIOD exponential moving average of the TS-Osc.

    BUY - Enter BUY trade when BLUE (TS-Osc) closes above RED (Signal) from below. Both indicators must be below zero level. When both indicators are below -50, it indicates a strong bullish trend is due.

    SELL - Enter SELL trade when BLUE (TS-Osc) closes below RED (Signal) from above. Both indicators must be above zero level. When both indicators are above +50, it indicates a strong bearish trend is due.
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