7 Myths about Partner Programs
Myth 1. In order to start making good money in a partner program, you need to put in a lot of effort.

Truth: Earning money in partner programs does not take a lot of effort - this is an opportunity to step into a ready-made business. To start you only need to open an account with the company, sign up clients, and collect your profits.

Myth 2. You have to trade on a real trading account and make a huge deposit.

Truth: A partner is not required to trade on a real account or make a deposit. You only need to open a trading account!

Myth 3. You need to invest a lot of your own funds.

Truth: Major brokers offer partners free ready-to-use tools for work: promo-sites, banners, various informers, as well as recommendations on how to sign up clients, so advertising costs are zero!

Myth 4. It is very difficult to sign up clients.

Truth: With profitable trading conditions, signing up clients is easy! Tight spreads, instant withdrawal of profits, quality execution, and flexible financial leverage are ideal conditions for trading online - they will be appreciated by every trader.

Myth 5. There are lots of restrictions on withdrawing the partner commission.

Truth: There are no restrictions on withdrawing commission for EXNESS partners! The partner receives any amount of his or her commission whenever he or she wishes.

Myth 6. If a partner has just a few clients, he will not receive a commission.

Truth: EXNESS partners always receive a commission, regardless of the number of signed-up clients.

Myth 7. A partner's clients execute split-second transactions on which no commission is earned.

Truth: At EXNESS traders are free to choose any trading strategy, so there are no restrictions on earning commission from every transaction executed by a signed-up client.
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