All from us the toilet goes to, but errors create may commits her the human during emptying his intestines in the toilet

All from us the toilet goes to, but errors create may commits her the human during emptying his intestines in the toilet and her consequences were formed healthy harmful.So is aalqrfSaa' it the optimal positivism?Terror of the feeling in lack completion of the emptying real?What the way to emptying of fast and complete?
All us the bathroom go to and to the toilet, and despite that the people about the subject do not speak a lot, and there is some sort of errors may does her the human during the excretion and emptying of the intestines in the toilet and may is for her healthy consequences, adynamia of some expert advice:
Positivism of the sitting correct God-fearing the hemorrhoids and the intestinal illness
The hemorrhoids and the intestinal blockages and the abstention it disturbances of speaking in form of bigger in the countries which sits in her the man on toilet from kind of the chair, as the expert Julia says Anders in her German book (the intestines and the magic), according to site of Express moves electronic.May accustoms that until positivism of the sitting on the toilet from kind the chair causes in external big pressure on the intestines, so the hemorrhoids the intestinal parts move the interior to the external parts for rear of the human.
Positive observance aalqrfSaa'
May intestinal sacks form or pockets in area the intestinal colon (and she is what rises also in inflammations aalrtwj expressing of encyclopedia reconciled wykybydyaa free), and speaking of this inflammations result compression knittings of the intestines from inside to outside.Describes her Julia Anders in her book that she:small protrusions originate on form of lamps on two walls the intestines, and in this context saying advizes:the doctors assume that the many pressure on the intestines increases clearly from possibility of occurrence international and the cerebral strokes or the fainting.
But what who compression of the intestines reports against?Simply the human be possible for that the toilet crouches on, so positivism aalqrfSaa' it the positivism the nature since aal'azl, as for the western modern toilet who form of the chair appears on so he the modern agreement and from the century the eighteenth, as Julia Anders says.Appears thereof that toilet aalqrfSaa' the two easts he less pressure on the intestines from toilet of the western chair.In the possibility aalqrfSt on toilet of the western chair, but positivism aalqrfSaa' in status of the two feet on the western toilet may was formed other than comfortable faithful this case be possible the assistance during the sitting on the western toilet in chair the small low rise to placing of the two feet on him ahead, then folding of the body to most lower toward the two thighs for the occurrence on positivism aalqrfSaa', in order to being capable of emptying of complete for the intestines.
Researchers in measure of attempt performed in this respect, and found that who the western chair sit in other than mqrfSyn the 130 second of operation excretion come to an end during, whereas come to an end aalmqrfSwn from this operation in form hurried faithful wrinkles of 50 second only, according to site moves that ty in the two electrons.
Relaxes nor pressures quickly or strongly on muscles of the control in the emptying!
The relaxation during the rising in operation emptying of the intestines advizes in, but the relaxation alone does not suffice.Hospital advizes fraantyskws in Germany in lack the pressing on muscles the control in the emptying strongly and in lack forcing of the intestines on the emptying.Likewise from forbidden also pressing of the muscles strongly to emptying remaining in the intestines.
So at completion operation of the excretion feels a lot of the people that emptying of the intestines does not complete after and that there is some sort of two remaining excrements in the intestines and the pressing on the muscles straighten in quickly and strongly with the aim of taking out remaining in the intestines.The specialists ascribe feeling lack completion of the emptying to curve of the intestines and her introversion with the time to the internal.
Equal during emptying entrust the specialists in lack the sitting for tall time on the toilet and reading of the newspapers the intestines, but and say that operation of the excretion it should not two minutes increase about, that be possible.
The extract:
Positive observance the sitting suitable on the toilet be necessary and she is aalqrfSaa', and lack of the pressing on the muscles be necessary nor alternative from the dealing in instant form with the abstention about road of the medicines.Of which the overcoming the abstention helps on:The many drinking and food articles nutritious fibrous and lack of postponement of the going to the toilet but the going to him immediately in need, science that the walking and the walking after the food the hDm do not help on as he widespread between the people, nor the walking on the intestines prefers unless accompaniment with athletic strong exercises and tough movement, and the injured in the abstention in the inflection advize even puberty of the thigh then the return to the back and in repetition operation of the inflection this wherever possible during the emptying and the excretion, and if was not this advice useful against the abstention so the going to the doctor be necessary because what be possible that is hidden behind that may illness of diabetes is or problem in the thyroid gland, according to site moves that ty in the two electrons.