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The man may fall in love with the girl naive, which Tdhishh innocence and drifting in marriage vulnerable women that are easy to fold up between shrubs house wall, which did not oppose his orders, and serve as the satisfaction of the ego and feel as a man who has the final say, but at the same time respects the bold women and an estimated Personal strong.
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Proof of more than 90% of men admit they may take advantage of the good and vulnerable women and live with it a romantic relationship or a special relationship away from the marriage, but they love and respect bold women, because the weak subject may be boring and non-renewable in the relationship do not need them, but a quiet and warm times, but they soon What about moving away and marry her, but the man who likes to control or who wants to comfort his problems and dialogue, this was confirmed by a recent US study.

The study, to be averse than men earning provocative hostility since their first meet her, and women prefer soft smooth and strong, and resolute, is naive and kind, which does not allow one to play her feelings or exploited because they know what you want.

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If the good woman give free of charge at the first word of love, strong woman give or always prevent in a timely manner and to the extent take, although some prefer wife, but many refuse to be bound by it, especially if a prestigious center in their work, they consider the power of her personality a challenge to their manhood, and tangible evidence seems clear in the high rate of spinsterhood among the ranks of prominent Alzkiat educated at work, The more outstanding certificates on the wall, the less number of suitors who are knocking on the door.

According to Dr. Mohamed Sayed Khalil, a professor of social psychology ethics of Ain Shams, that some men may find the marriage of a woman with features strong character some kind of challenge to their manhood and their control on the house while considered work with comfort because they can rely on, while there are another group of men considered marriage to a powerful personal lady a catalyst for them to progress forward in the work, home and social life are complementary to them and not challenge them.

He adds: "We see often some women refuse to advancement in their businesses so as not to be functional Drjtahn and their income is better than a private in the eastern community of their husbands even maintain their family entity and at home, and it depends on the personality of the man and not the woman's personality, it is not a defect have a lady ambition at work, home and raising children. "

Love, vocal

The confident woman of the same Vhzaa Ofer with men, because they love their confidence in themselves, they will not open the gates of hell on them because of her jealousy, or lack of confidence in their love.

Therefore the man who is married to a woman with a great deal of self-confidence may fingernail peace of mind and get rid of absurdities of early women's petty problems.

Confident of itself also does not impose itself on never man, but is the one who must seek behind his desire to marry her so much, so the man does not feel that he was involved in the link. As she did not haunt her husband telephone communications to make sure his sincerity if a little late for an appointment and arrival at the house, or if soire was associated with his friends.

And because it is a mysterious woman man can not predict their actions, Afeehq is the constant renewal of his life with her.

Ideal Specifications

Despite the different tendencies of human desires, but there is a common specification for women it combines the most idealistic men and always are looking for a partner in their lives. Which it refers to a survey conducted in the United States, pointing out that men are attracted to:

Independent: a reverse "Aldluah" or dependency, do not wait for the man to meet the demands, always rely on itself, as well as a woman flying like to travel and meet new people.

Beautiful seductive: any attractive women is stilted in her beauty, which does not resort to the artificiality.

Smart: You may address the heart of the man Baklha, she can feel her love without the permit him to do so, so keep a man in a state of alert and stimulate continuously.

Beloved friendly: listen to when in need of it, share it his career positively, at the same time be a sweetheart and pampered daughter in the bedroom.