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Love is the column and founded on the marital relationship but it always needs to be fed and even renovated remains afire order not to sneak bored him and it eliminates red tape. Therefore the couple to seek always to win the love of a partner satisfaction and love. We will give you today, dear wife a set of pure scents that is loved by men and that can attract you and your husband make your Aahqk and wander. Jasmine: Jasmine Rose in that distinctive smell which are used frequently in the perfume industry, as one of the fragrance that stimulate sexual desire in men and send warmth and gravity. Lemon: Lemon perfume is distinctive and attractive and stimulating sexual desire Saojaj perfume and love in the heart of your husband certainly. Oats: Yes it is a bit strange, but the oats of smells that attract men to you and that Chdh dramatically, therefore enters the oats in the installation of a lot of perfume and soap. Vanilla: Who does not loves perfume and wonderful attractive vanilla, which is the perfume of the most attractive and stimulating the interest and absolutely love it, it increases your ability to gravity and seduction and capture the heart of your man certainly. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a natural smells and erotic appetite to a large extent and that will attract anyone and therefore of their favorite smells dramatically in men. 5 things your spouse wants to Talmiha but ashamed request 6 habits are important to create a social or romantic relationships positive .. to know her 5 signals confirm to you that your husband still loves you