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You may be wondering what are the secrets of makeup Haifa Wehbe success, and what to do to keep the bright views in day and evening occasions? The answer to these questions lies in adherence to Petraetbih basic steps to apply make-up that make all the difference in his success. And to identify the followers of these foundations with us these five key points that will help to highlight the beauty the best methods.

1. Skin Care

Access to healthy and bright skin of all priorities of women. Ftertaib skin morning and evening gives a unified view of the face and smoothing wrinkles, so you can put make-up easier. You must also get used to clean the skin by the make-up remover on a daily basis, and the product to be a composite of moderate materials. It is used on the face accurate and smooth movements to avoid skin redness.

2. Respect stages

Skin should always start, just Kalrsam which begins the first touches to his painting, which is actually stage that you need a lot of time. Start first put a little dark circles around the eyes and remover on both sides of the nose and on the phenomenon to hide defects, then GO to the next stage, which requires the "Foundation status." After that comes the role of the shadows own Paljvon and Almscara. And the skin absorption of the cream base, you can put powder on your cheeks and end the make-up put lipstick or lip gloss.
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3. attention lighting

Nothing better than the application of make-up during the day because the artificial lighting at night sometimes misleading. In the day intensive mask deeply natural light soft and diffuse the ability to choose the right colors for your skin, and you can Talba and Tbdla colors to Ttosali to what suits you best while maintaining the brightness of your skin. In case you Makers make-up in the bathroom, you have to sure your color balance through you stand by a window.

4. color format

If you want to get a natural makeup, Vhafeza to moderation through the use of appropriate colors. Use the "Foundation" to unify the color of your skin and my powder on your cheeks or coral-colored roses and Jaffna by chromatic aberration beige and gray. These colors blend perfectly with the color of skin. In the evening, you should Ttgeria to dark colors on the eyelids Browns dark gray or even dark blue mode.

5. not be exaggerated

Makeup to succeed, we must makers in accurately and tan and Tamohia well in the daytime. In the evening, I do not mind the visibility of bold colors through the use of dark and powerful around the eyes and highlight density ****ients eyelashes through several layers of Almscara mode.