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Thread: Trading is a game of probabilities

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    Trading is a game of probabilities

    "This (Trading) is not a job where you get paid by the hour.
    You get paid for doing the right thing.

    Forget that your money is at stake. Money in trading account is just a tool for making money. Preserve your tool. You need it to make money.

    Don’t let the outcome of one trade alter your trading discipline. One trade doesn’t make a system…

    Trading is a game of probabilities. You don’t have to be right every time. You just have to follow your rules.

    You decide your fate; the market doesn’t.

    Pure followers will never be around… Learn or you are bankrupt.

    Be aggressive in trending market and conservative in choppy market.

    Take home runs when you can, but don’t beat yourself up about missing a few.
    One trade should never make or break your account."

    -- Vadym Graifer & Christopher Schumacher, Techniques of Tape Reading

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