PAMM-account SmartInvest: 2785 (PrivateFX)

Number PAMM 2785
Number of the offer 175
Status Open offer
Trading period 2 weeks
Opening date 20 February. 2016 2:36:37
The initial capital of the Manager, USD 25 000.00
The current capital of the Manager, USD 82 786.04
Investments 702 538.27
The yield for the entire period, USD 150 335.04
Yield PAMM 49.74%
The maximum drawdown,% 20.61%
Date April 23 rollover. 2016 10:15:24
Date of the next rollover May 7th 2016, 10:00:00
Reward Manager 40%
Penalty for early withdrawal 50%
Ability to copy the transaction None
Minimum balance on the investor's account (minimum investment amount), USD 100
Agent fees paid from the profit for the trading period 3%
Delaying the payment of agency fees in the current capital control is less than USD 500 No
Limiting losses, 0%
Related periodic PAMM Account Yes
Close PAMM-account when the value of the control of capital below USD 500 No
Open trades 0
The level of reporting on request
Description Trading Strategy SmartInvest