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Forum rules India

  1. Before leaving your first post (a post is any message on a forum), please read the rules. It will take just a few minutes.


    1. Forum A is an international forum of traders. Promotion of someone’s national, religious, ethnic or political views is not appropriate here. Those who stir up national, ethnic, religious or political hatred will be banned with no notice. Besides, those who support such activities via like functions or forum reputation can also be banned. Humiliating words or their distorted forms in regard to various countries and nationalities are prohibited. It is forbidden to create user profiles that show their national, religious, ethnic, or political views through setting corresponding attributes or their distorted form such as avatars, signatures, and profile lines.
    2. A user undertakes not to post information that is patently false, defamatory, and/or contravenes the law of the country of citizenship.
    3. A forum participant undertakes to respect other participants. Threats, insults, discrimination, personal defamation, foul language and its distorted spelling are prohibited.
    4. Registration and /or use of multiple accounts (nicknames) by one person is prohibited. Additionally, it is forbidden to offer an already registered user to register again as a referral.
    5. The administration reserves the right to deny access to the forum for a user with a nickname that looks or sounds similar to an existing one, contains advertising, contains a name of a commercial project, or does not meet ethical standards.
    6. The language of the forum A. It is prohibited to post:
    - illiterate messages that are hard to be read or messages in foreign languages;
    - senseless messages that contain only emoticons or incoherent jumble of letters; - irrelevant messages (flood) or needless answers to messages of other users;
    - plagiarism (copying of other people's texts, materials from the Internet and the forum, without citing the source of origin).
    7. Duplication of topics/messages or multiple posting of identical/similar messages is prohibited.
    8. Materials from outer sources (copy-paste) should be arranged as quotations (i.e. framed by quotation tags [QUOTE]... [/QUOTE]). The source of information should be indicated with a bbcode: [URL="link"]source[/URL]
    9. It is prohibited to split a text of a message into several short messages that are published in a short period of time (serial messages). Users can edit their messages within 60 minutes after publication.
    10. Forum rules apply to all types of texts and images, published anywhere on the forum. If forum participants violate the forum rules, the moderator can issue a warning to them. Having received the third warning, users will be able to post messages in the pre-moderation mode for a period of 5 days. Pre-moderation means that messages are published only after approval by the moderator. A user who disagrees with the moderator's decision should contact him or her via a private message. If participants violate the rules for which they have already received warning, they may be banned with no notice or get limited access to the forum functions.
    11. It is forbidden to write tags in outsized fonts, use text markers excessively (italic, bold, underlining, highlighting), as well as writing in ALL CAPS if there is no urgent necessity for it. The forum users acknowledge that the notion of urgent necessity is subjective, so any non-standard layout of the message text can be regarded as a violation of forum rules.
    12. The maximum length of a signature is 4 lines. The maximum number of external links in the signature is 2. The maximum font size is 2. If forum participants install a widget for monitoring a trading account, its dimensions should not exceed 40px in height (the so-called low widget type). The maximum banner size in a signature is 120 x 500 px. The maximum total height of a signature is 150 px.
    13. If images are uploaded from outer sources (photo hosting), their size should not exceed 800x600 px and 200 KB.
    14. Unauthorized advertising in unsuitable sections is prohibited. Spam (the intended multiple publication of links to the same site in the form of private or public messages) is prohibited.
    15. Neither explicit nor implicit advertising of websites and/or companies that are not partners of the forum is allowed.
    16. Advertising of forums, chats, and social networks for traders is forbidden.
    17. It is prohibited to place software that misapplies bugs in brokers’ software, as well as discuss and promote such methods.
    18. It is prohibited to place one’s commercial offers in other people's threads.
    19. Advertising of rebate services that offer refund of more than 1.5 pips is prohibited.
    20. It is prohibited to distribute illegal software and discuss methods of hacking.
    21. The forum administration reserves the right to ask to install a banner of the forum/portal on the main page of the website, which is advertised in any way on the forum. This condition is not mandatory if there is no request from the administration, as every case is considered individually. The presence of a forum/portal banner on a website advertised in any way on the forum does not mean unconditional approval of its advertising; in every specific case the situation is considered individually. The permission for advertising of a website can be canceled in the event that eventually the website is filled with content that the forum administration considers as unacceptable.
    22. Any copyright materials posted on the forum becomes the property of the forum. The user who personally posted such materials does not have the right to demand to remove or correct it in the future.
    23. The forum administration reserves the right to remove /correct threads, posts, threads’ closing, as well as correct /delete signatures, avatars, photos, and users’ public messages without prior notice and/or explanation of reasons.
    24. The administration of the forum reserves the right to move threads/post without notification and/or explanation of reasons if it considers the initial section of threads/posts unsuitable.
    25. It is prohibited to arguе about the fact that a forum user takes part in a bonus program or other programs/campaigns/competitions held by the forum and/or its partners.
    26. It is forbidden to ask forum users to confirm their qualification by providing evidence of trading on their personal trading accounts. The Advertisement and PAMM accounts sections are the exceptions.
    27. The forum administration does not assume the role of arbitrator or guarantor in the commercial relations between forum users. All such relationships are made between the forum participants solely at their own risk.
    28. It is not allowed to design user profiles that call for liking posts, using an avatar, signature, or profile lines.
    29. Users declare their copyright of the information posted on the forum from their account. It is not allowed to give one’s account for use to other people. Claims like "someone has taken my account, so I refuse to be responsible for the contents of posts," are not accepted.
    30. Deliberate misprints of users' nicknames are not allowed. To avoid confusion, the administration recommends that you copy the nickname of a user in the original spelling.
    31. It is forbidden to use names of countries in nicknames.
    32. GIF images cannot be used as avatars.

    The forum administration strongly recommends that you also read the rules of sections.

Forum rules of ‘Advertisement’

  1. 1. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the reliability of posts in this section and does not check the quality of advertised goods and services. All commercial relations between the participants of the forum are made at their sole risk.
    2. It is forbidden to:
    2.1 advertise illegal activates;
    2.2 post proposals that do not disclose the essence of the advertised goods and (or) services;
    2.3 duplicate threads;
    2.4 duplicate your ads /offers /services in other threads;
    2.5 highlight your ad by CAPITAL LETTERS or an icon;
    2.6 post referral links to commercial sites that are not partners of the forum.
    2.7 advertise brokers who are not partners of the forum, third-party trading forums, portals.
    2.8 advertise bonus programs of the forum’s partners, aimed at finding clients on third-party online resources, such as coupon promotions for partners, encouraging activity in social networks.
    3. To enable authors of a thread to regularly add posts to their ads, the forum administration has the right to ask to install the forum banners on the main page of the advertised website.
    In case there is no forum banner, a single ad is allowed, and correspondence with forum users in this thread is blocked. The next announcement from the author of this thread can be done in a month.

Forum rules of ‘Brokers, banks and payment systems’

  1. 1. Brokers are prohibited to use this section for competing purpose.
    2. It is forbidden to extort money from a broker or deliberately damage a company’s reputation. To resolve disputes, contact the appropriate authorities or go to court, the forum serves to exchange views or work experience.
    3. It is forbidden to post accusations, claims that have no evidentiary grounds and/or any argument and are based on speculation and rumors.
    A financial claim to the broker should contain a customer's account number with the company. 4. It is forbidden publish confidential information the use of which can cause financial damage to one of the parties. If such information is requested by a broker's representative, the data must be sent through the forum’s private messages.
    5. It is forbidden to systematically rewrite information on working with a broker/bank/payment system located on other resources. Threads in this section are for sharing personal experience, and not for posting copied information or redirecting to third-party sites.
    6. A representative of a company who is not a partner of the forum must be registered under the company's email. The representative of a broker/bank/payment system has the right to answer the forum users’ questions and claims, but has no right to conduct advertising campaigns on the forum pages, give links to promo and bonus campaigns. The representative's nickname should not repeat the name of the company they represent. Using an avatar with a company’s logo is allowed. The signature should not contain a link to the company's website.

Forum rules of ‘PAMM accounts, ForexCopy, Investments’

  1. 1. The name of every thread with advertisement of a PAMM project should start with a PAMM account number and a name of the PAMM project, not with asterisks, brackets, etc.
    2. If your PAMM account was opened less than 2 months ago, the thread should be opened only in the PAMMpers section. The date of the PAMM account creation is the date of registration of the account in the PAMM system. After 2 months, the author of the thread has the right to ask the moderator to transfer it to the main section.
    3. The first post of the thread must necessarily contain a link to monitor this PAMM account.
    4. The amount of open monitoring data must correspond to the established standard of the subsection. It is not less than 2 months for the root section, and not less than 9 months from the moment of initial account replenishment for PAMMarathon.
    5. It is forbidden to advertise in any way your PAMM project in other people's threads. You should open your own thread.
    6. Advertising a PAMM project not by owners, but by partners, is allowed exclusively in the PAMM partners section.
    7. Creating threads with empty PAMMs (i.e. accounts with zero balance) is not allowed.
    8. If a name of a PAMM project is found similar to the one already existing, the administration reserves the right to transfer the thread with this PAMM project to the PAMM&Copy trash subsection.

    Thank you for choosing our forum!

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