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Thread: kia mt4 or mt5 same hain?

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    Member hakundim is an unknown quantity at this point hakundim's Avatar
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    Jii han same hai akin dono ki technology main bohat farq hai meta tarder 5 latest technology hai aur is main kuch new features bhi ayi hain jin sa trading aur bhi simple ho gayi hai aur meta trader 4 old version hai trading platform ki is main bhi sab hai aur ye bhi trading kaliye best hai aur sab abhi tak is ko hi use karty hain.

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    Senior Member rrdevmurari is on a distinguished road rrdevmurari's Avatar
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    mujhe lagata hai ki mt 4 aur mt 5 me kuchh fark nahi hai kyuki ye do software hai jisse forex me trade karne ke kaam aata hai par isme sirf version ka hi fark hota hai mt4 purana hota hai aur mt5 new version mana jata hai bas aur koi fark nahihai par me mt4 hi use karta hu trade karne ke liye aapko jo karna hai kare

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    Senior Member vighanraj is on a distinguished road vighanraj's Avatar
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    mt5 thoda advnce hai kyoki ksmein thode advance technical indicators hai jo market situations ko advance mein samajne ke liye behtar hai aur usmein multi account login facility bhi hai aur yeh sab gechniques bahut achi baat hai trading ke liye.

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    Junior Member apak is an unknown quantity at this point apak's Avatar
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    MT5 is the newer version of MT4 with many new additions. Like MT5 have more indicators then MT4 which we can use while trading on this platform. MT5 have more time frame windows. We can open more pairs and charts in MT5 then MT4. Commands are also more easy and then skin is even more attractive of newer version.

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    Junior Member azharcourt will become famous soon enough azharcourt's Avatar
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    my dear, mt4 old platforam han aur mt5 new platforam han aur ap bh jantey han jo bh new softwarw ata han woh old software sa acha hota han agar acha na hu to woh market ma kasy a skata han is lya ma na suan yah softwarw mt4 sa acha han ..

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    Member Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir has much to be proud of Mustansir's Avatar
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    Meta trader 4 aur meta trader 5 ko hum trading ke liye use karty hain meta trader 4 old version hai jab keh meta trader 5 advance version hai phir bhi meta trader 5 jo hai iski speed slow hai is py order jaldi execute nahi hota aur na hi close hota hai jaldi isi wajah sy main mt4 ziada istimal karta hun wesy functions main in ke koi farq nahi hai ...

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    Junior Member may78655 will become famous soon enough may78655's Avatar
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    Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for al investors must be learned so well does not come lossy large
    Forex market is not a market in the literal sense of the word, since it has no center and no exercise a certain place where trading. The trading exercised by calling teleconference and Internet computer at one time among the hundreds of banks around the world. Alumblyonat hundreds of dollars are sold and purchased every few seconds, one of the largest existing markets online
    The currency market is not about working hours because Almtjarh exchanges between banks that are located in different parts of the world. And the major changes multi-currency prices, which helps to do some business operations within one day and see that distinctive Forex Market
    *The main thing for success in this market is not the size of the money that the intervention by the market as far as Permanent Hoturkaz on market research, and understand Mikhanykyate and desires of the participants learned Alforlks well
    Important characteristics of the currency market is the property balance Although this seems strange. Everyone knows that the sudden decline of basic property of the financial market is the forex market and the need to fully focusin spite of currency intervention by central banks.
    Forex market has a tremendous advantage for the rest of the other investment markets - it is open twenty four hour a day, six days a week. While the rest of the other markets like commodities and equities are working five days a week (Monday through Friday) during normal work times
    especially in times of recession because they give clues about the interview moves in emerging markets. For example, when you use a housing index IAS360, some markets that have not been analyzed by other indicators along the lines of S & P / Case-Stiller actually growing, which may in turn indicates the renewed growth may support the market in general may appear something that would have been ignored by housing indicators, which are limited.
    So if you have mastered all the possible ways to analyze the market and become able to do accurate predictions of the behavior of the forex market in the future, you however may not be able to earn any money without following a sound strategy for the management of capital .adarh capital in Forex (as in the other of financial markets) is a complex set of rules that the rolling developed in order to fit the style of his business and the amount of money allocated by the trade .adarh capital plays an important role in achieving profits in the forex market; therefore do not reduce their value. For more information on capital management
    While learning a lot about market analysis and capital management is a necessary step in order to become a successful trader, you also need to control your feelings to keep the performance of your trades under the strong control of your mind and your intuition. Emotional control in Forex Trading simply reflect the balance between both of greed and ensure the two amounts. Most of the practices and tactics of self-targeting Forex traders seeking mainly to help them adjust their trading strategies more than they care about their feelings spontaneityIAS360 index analyzes the data based on the average selling price while other indicators to analyze the data based on the average selling prices. Way medium selling prices (take East price between the upper and lower prices), which gives a more realistic way than the average sales price image because they do not care about the upper and lower values ??for the prices of homes sold.Fundamental analysis is a market that is only carried out using the
    Fundamental analysis is used not only in Forex but is part of the financial planning and forecasting processes. There are a number of concepts are the main parts of the process in the forex fundamental analysis are as follows: Interest Rate
    Technical analysis is the analysis of the market process relying solely on digital market data, quotes,

  9. <a href="http://www.mt5.com/">&#1060;&#1086;&#1088;&#1077;&#1082;&#1089; &#1087;&#1086;&#1088;&#1090;&#1072;&#1083;</a>
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    Member SA148P is a jewel in the rough SA148P is a jewel in the rough SA148P is a jewel in the rough SA148P's Avatar
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    mt4 is old version and mt5 is new and latest version but mt4 is easy and simple plateform and mostly traders used mt4 and mt5 is new and latest verson but soe traders used this plateform but mt5 is very difficult, so mt4 and mt5 is big diffenert is trading stratigies so you used trading stratigy in mt4 platform so you nothing used in mt5

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