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Thread: any difference in mt4 or 5?

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    Member sidd2 is an unknown quantity at this point sidd2's Avatar
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    i am newbie trader or mn abi sirf mt4 hi use karta hun or mn ney kabi mt5 use ni kiya k in dono mn kya fark hai but mn mt5 ko install karun ga or dekhun ga k is mn or mt4 mn kya fark hai or phir ap ko share karun ga.

  2. PAMM
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    you must keep to the plan and maintain the strategy must learn from the mistakes so you do not actually out again and in order not to lose again should not be used vacation week to play and fun that should be exploited in learning more and repair my mistakes

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    Trusted Member mahera is on a distinguished road mahera's Avatar
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    dear meray khayal se aur meri knowledge k mutabiq mt4 aur mt5 mein zyada difference nhi hai jahan tak mein ne mt4 ko use kiya hai apni trading k liye ye bhout easy hai is ko samjhna bhout hi asaan hai

  5. Lamborghini
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    Junior Member may78655 will become famous soon enough may78655's Avatar
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    constant search for a sliding case and important know how to operate in the forex market balanceTechnical analysis
    Most of the practices and tactics of self-targeting Forex traders seeking mainly to help them adjust their trading strategies more than they care about their feelings spontaneity. The problems that you are compelled to deal with them if they become a professional trader in the forex are: greed
    is usually used colloquially to refer to attitudes which are Balmkhadah or lack of clarity and sometimes Machiavellian .bergm Therefore, some mental games are exposure through psychology transaction analysisWhen it comes to trade in the forex market, success is more a question of mentality is what is linked to the same subject matter. Any dealer spent a period of time in this game will tell you that psychology has the functions performed by and has a lot to do with both of your performance profile in the trading arena and with the way the market moves. Winning here depends on your mind you - and your understanding of the way in which it moves the market psychologyPsychological study of the market is not new.
    It does not require genius to understand that any widening and narrowing of the circuit based on the decisions of individuals, will be greatly affected the minds of these individuals. Few people are mindful of the different levels of the games intelligence affecting the market -If focusing your eyes on the way in which it affects psychology on others - including the mass psychology of these individuals who use forex trading on a daily basis but do not forget to be Ali familiar with things that move you also, you could end it has caused damage to the Centers for your trades. Best Forex coaches will tell you that before becoming a successful trader,
    Forex trading is not that easy, all Forex traders before entering this market believe that they will become rich very quickly and will be able to achieve $ 20,000 in a week or two, but when they begin trading currencies realize that this belief is not true, it is never easy to make money, especially While we are working with money
    Anything that may involve gain or loss of large sums of money becomes emotionally charged. Well,maybe you have heard that dealing with the issue of sports market.

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