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Thread: Have you ever got a trading account managed by the professtional traders?

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    I am in the market to do this business. I think everyone comes here to do business and also to earn money. There is one reason why people come to do business so they want to earn money and also want to get a profit from it. So I think there is no difference of reason to do this business. The forex market is a great option to make a lot of money in no time. as my knowledge, until it's mine, I can handle deals on every term if you do not hit to be a healthy trade, so do not grow, I myself I often get my experience but to control his story, so with experience, so welcome to become proficient in exotic trading trade,

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    No. I do not do this experiance because I always prefer to be a clever trader each with the intent of lately improving with trading ability and reducing losses. I think the duty of dying to support a managed bill if we boast with the smallest amount of $ 10000 in our bills than we can catch a better result with a managed bill. I never use this accommodation, I imagine that if I analyze and buy trade firmness with my own and all kinds of strategies are enhanced by myself then I dress up an athlete merchant in increasing other politics completely out.

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    I do not allow anybody to manage my account, From the beginning and after I learned Forex and I do not rely on others, I do not take signals from anyone to enter, I just learned how to analyze the market professionally, but so far I relied on myself in everything , I learned from others only fundamental analysis

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