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Thread: Rsi grid ea

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    मैं इस EA वापस त्वरित विदेशी मुद्रा का परीक्षण किया है और यह भी एक 100 डॉलर या InstaForex पर एक प्रतिशत खाता के साथ अच्छी तरह से व्यापार किया जाएगा. आप केवल नीचे 0,1 से 0,01 lotsize तो यह किया जाएगा पेंच. एक साल में 700% प्रतिशत तुम्हारा होगा

    ठीक हवलदार फिर से परीक्षण किया और कहते हैं कि 0.01 बहुत उपलब्ध नहीं है. तो आप अपने खाते में $ 400 के एक न्यूनतम है या insta पर एक प्रतिशत खाता बनाने चाहिए. यह ea केवल 0.1 बहुत की एक न्यूनतम के साथ चलेंगे. तो फिर आप 700% या 3000% की एक अधिकतम की एक न्यूनतम है.

    यदि आप $ 100 (प्रतिशत 10000) के साथ एक centaccount का उपयोग तो आप केवल 700% होगा. मैं तुम्हें एक $ 400 मानक खाते आप wil ca है का उपयोग करते हैं. एक वर्ष में उपलब्ध 3000%

  2. LFC
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    A semipermanent ago i checkout this ea according to my ambit it's a pleasing one but only on higher abstraction frames on junior clip frames it did not activity intimately and we staleness alter its environs accordingly. if any one hump to use it on small period enclose than must use it wtih recitation approval. I alter that cheque it.

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    The transfer links square measure OK. I already transfer the MQ4 file and also the set file.
    All you would like to try and do is use right click and "save link as".
    Don't use left click, it'll it simply open the file...........................

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    So You still have this free RSI Grid EA?
    The download to lifesdream.org link doesn't exisit any more.
    I'd like to make some backtesting with it.
    Thanks in advance for answering.
    Best regards,
    Markus Lehner

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    Member shafique225 is a glorious beacon of light shafique225 is a glorious beacon of light shafique225 is a glorious beacon of light shafique225 is a glorious beacon of light shafique225 is a glorious beacon of light shafique225's Avatar
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    dear friend ismain yeh kehna asaan na ho ga k hu rsi trnd lines ko read kers kayian an dis ay is tera say earninga hsil ker skayin jis tera say hum smain hhaisl keranc ahaty hian ais anaian hia ismain jab tak huam is ko sahi tera say read nahian ker aapatay hian hum ismain kabi b kmayaba nahian hao skaty hian.

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    Banned aarabane will become famous soon enough aarabane will become famous soon enough aarabane's Avatar
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    thank you for this information from the RSI and for this stratige, and for your effort to share this stratige everyone, I'll try to stratige and apply on a demo account to see what goes and also to see the right way used

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