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Thread: Are You Gambling or Trading? Think about this.

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    Instead of just guessing the results of an analysis where transactions are transactions in foreign currency business, and the position of the task, the decision to open and close the reference position to determine is the result of analysis as a basis for personal I know thinking that gambling can cause. and, surely forex is not gambling. but some traders agree that forex is gambling, because someday we make a lot of money without effort and some time regardless of our efforts, we have to face losses in our trade, so we are not sure of our income in the forex business anytime.

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    This forex betting can be said if we always have the desire to win every day and make us rich quickly, the stage can be reached by professional traders. but for beginner traders it must really create mature expertise in the forex world to make a profit. maybe all the initial stages of the study have a little gambling element, but I'm sure the learning period of beginners will be able to understand when he waits quietly and does an open position, that's where I think it's not gambling anymore. That's real trade.

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