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Thread: What is a suitable Trading Strategies for a new comer (beginner) in Forex trading ?

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    The most important thing for a novice in Forex is to practice a lot on the demo account. and apply the analyses and strategies to it. Second thing he has to stay away from greed and put in his mind the idea that Forex is a field that is getting tired and studying and not a source of profit for millions or wealth

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    I think no one can respond to your request completely because there is not any technique that is very good for everyone.
    Different individuals have different inventory and operating designs so one technique that suits me may
    not work for you so you can get a good technique that you should try to analyze this problem.
    Thanks forex India.

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    It's really valid sill not think that assuming they just keep picking the poor ron how can we imagine
    the reality about high Forex ric market? I was the earliest person in this country a long time to share with me.

    eincidents more than, most people may present the true sneaking ın so that the most severe people can uncover it.

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    I think nobody can answer the question accurately simply because it is not there at all,
    or almost any method we would normally do for everyone. Different people have different campaigns,
    and trading patterns with such methods that fit my opinion, we can meet your needs,
    so you get a lot of methods, you may need to test a particular bank account.

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    Forex is a very good job. In Forex trading short term Forex or Long Forex trading.
    which trading you like. your forex trading, usually intranet trading based on a four-hour pivot point strategy,
    new arrivals should be trading in the long term because of low risk, because
    I am a beginner in the forex market I prefer short-term trading. , Best of luck Forex ...............

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