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it is actually for myself there as well, because when using the latest trading techniques and there is a way
to use this way and that way and because los is changing the way again this is what causes the trading
system varies and how its usage, The use of trading is also related to the trading system is looking comfortable
and easy to use not too wait for the indicator is generally waiting after the confirmation just moved
a little and then turned again and not limited while waiting for a very long time was wasted too.
Much of the time and this is why many, many ways and systems are tried and tested on how to generate profits consistently.
best regard
The more you think about your merchant, the more you will be confused. You need to keep
it simple to minimize your losses. The goal is to reduce losses that do not increase profits
because it will definitely increase if your loss rate is less. So just select one pair at a time
and keep looking for the right time to close your position as you reach for a good pips.