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Thread: Which MetaTrader best Mt5 or Mt4?

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    Member remo is a glorious beacon of light remo is a glorious beacon of light remo is a glorious beacon of light remo is a glorious beacon of light remo is a glorious beacon of light remo's Avatar
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    Certainly my dear, as I can see I personally believe there are two kind of trading platform the mt4 and mt5 trading platform but I also prefer to doing the trade on the mt4 trading platform and also feeling better and doing the trade properly ,but I have no any experiences on the mt5.

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    Member tikukur will become famous soon enough tikukur will become famous soon enough tikukur's Avatar
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    From the time I started practicing on demo accounts,
    I used the trading platform mt4 for trading and I understand this platform better. I have never used the mt5 platform and do not know its features now, but I can easily understand the tools and their use. Mt4 Platform. It's too easy to observe charts, place orders and close them, and operate other necessary tools on this platform.

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    Member soo yong will become famous soon enough soo yong will become famous soon enough soo yong's Avatar
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    meta trader 5 may be a new version that has
    a new addition feature for traders. Obviously there are many choices and meta traders better than others. 4 others then use mt 4 because the functionality in mt 4 is very familiar with most people. Other then I advise to divert you and use m64 for a beautiful future.

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    Member hitachi will become famous soon enough hitachi's Avatar
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    I have never used metatrader 5, but I think what I hear, the advantages of MetaTrader 5 is that we can adjust the time period we like. In metatrader 4 we only have time frame option m1, m5, m15, m30, h1, h4, d1 and so on.
    whereas in metatrader 5 we can use time frame m10, M20 and so on, so we can setting as we want. In metatrader 5 we also can not do hedging and martingale. But still in the testing phase, there is still much to do improvement. for beginner I think better use MetaTrader4

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    Junior Member kingofforex is an unknown quantity at this point kingofforex's Avatar
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    I can not give a precise answer to this thread because i am a new student in this platform but in my opinion MT5 would be better. MT5 will also be seen by using it. Thanks.

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    Member vic will become famous soon enough vic's Avatar
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    I am much more comfortable using MetaTrader 4.
    because I am used to using metatrader 4. So I hold the features that are present in MetaTrader 4, so use also be more comfortable. and I've also had experience trying to use metatrader 5, but I'm having a lot of trouble using it, because it's harder and I do not understand the features that are in MetaTrader 5.

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    Member halim will become famous soon enough halim's Avatar
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    meta trader 5 is an advanced version and has
    some additional features compared to meta trader4
    and also all the features in mt4 so mt5 is better but still most traders use mt4 because they already know it very much. and do not want to change it.

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    Member Afnan ahmad is on a distinguished road Afnan ahmad's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
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    Metatrader 4

    1. Installation - Metatrader 4 is simple and user-friendly software. Many users prefer Metatrader 4 as metatrader 5 download is not easy as MT4.

    2. Compilation of Codes You can find some differences in features of expert advisor between MT4 and MT5.Metatrader4 is designed with MQL code language, which is faster and easier to compile. But data transfer from Metatrader4 to Metatrder5 cannot occur.

    3. Interface Metatrader 4 has easy to navigate interface. This makes this trading platform popular among forex traders.

    4. Trading methods- Metatrader4 offers almost all types of trading methods hedging and LIFO, while the new version i.e., Metatrader5 does not support hedging and implements FIFO by default.

    5. Memory space- Metatrader4 takes up less memory space compared to Metatrader5.

    6. Choice of brokers: It has been found that many brokers offer Metatrder4 compared to MT5. So if a trader selects Metatrader4 for trading, s/he can select a broker from a wide range. Moreover, majority of brokers offer key services on MT4 only.

    Metatrader 5

    1. Variety of Charts and Timeframes Metatrader5 offers 21 timeframes, whereas Metatrader4 offers only 9.Moreover, MT5 offers unlimited number of charts, out which 100 can open at a time.

    2. Fundamental Analysis-Metatrader5 user gets the benefit of an inbuilt forex calendar. Features like news events, schedules, expected impacts, forecasts are also included in this calendar.Metatrader4 does not have this feature.

    3. Indicators & analytical object tools Metatrader5 offers 38 inbuilt indicators,22 analytical tools and 46 graphical objects, whereas metatrader4 offers 30 inbuilt indicators and 33 analytical objects.

    4. Market Orders- A trader can send 2 market orders,6 pending orders and 2 stop orders through MT5 whereas, Metatrader 4 allow a trader to send 2 market orders,4 pending orders, 2 execution modes,2 stop orders and a trailing stop.

    Although both MT4 and MT5 have their own advantages and disadvantages, still Metatrader 4 has been found to be more popular in the forex trading.

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    Member nurheli will become famous soon enough nurheli's Avatar
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    well, good thread .. i think it all depends our habit
    in using metatrader to trade. because when we used
    to use MetaTrader 4 and we must understand how to use and features in metatrader. So I'm sure there will be more traders who make MetaTrader 4 the best, as most traders use MetaTrader 4 for their trading

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  14. PAMM
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    Junior Member shahroz156 is on a distinguished road shahroz156's Avatar
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    Brokers that are keen to provide physical bullion delivery to their clients have one more option from today. The developer of the most popular trading platform for retail FX and CFDs traders, MetaQuotes Software, is announcing a plugin that will integrate the feature into MetaTrader 5.

    The platform has been at the forefront of the retail trading industry in 2017, driving changes across in multi-asset trading, as the developer of the product decided to slowly phase out the legacy MT4 solution. The growing list of brokers that are providing a MetaTrader 4 solution warrants that the new technological innovations will be coming exclusively to the fifth generation of the software suite.
    Middle Eastern Developer Noor Index Chips In
    Sizeable demand for physical gold is coming from the Middle East. Todays announcement that a tech company from the region is deploying a solution that facilitates such transactions cant be surprising to an industry that is at the same time more keen to expand into this part of the MENA area.

    Big brokers have the advantage to leverage their big balance sheets and sometimes develop their own solutions or partner with external platform providers. The MT5 plug-in, however, is accessible to brokers of all sizes and is a much-needed solution for smaller firms willing to offer all of its products from a single platform.

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