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Thread: Do you discuss about your trades with others?

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    Yes, it is very important for a new trader to discuss their trade with others,
    because sometimes you are wrong and suggestions from experts or some others help you avoid big losses.
    Har kisi ko chahe wo expert ho ya newbie for wo apne see share karta hai to usko uski mistake
    bhi pata chalti hai aur kabhi ki expert help se aap achha sa profit bhi get kar sakte hain.

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    Junior Member berit is on a distinguished road berit's Avatar
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    if I find a new strategy that I use to share it with others by posting in forums.
    I could have the advantage of doing it that way. because my strategy may have errors that
    I have not thought of. I will be able to have opinions from other traders about my strategy
    and will be able to correct the errors in the strategy if any by sharing them with others ..

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    If you are a trader from your trading company, you can make sure that you can get a copy
    of your trading strategies and analytics. The main thing is that we do not have any kind
    of strategic and anesthetic problems, but we have a great way of learning about the pedagogy,
    and we have a great deal of respect for you, and you have a lot of work to do.

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    Member silsilah is on a distinguished road silsilah's Avatar
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    I am open with my trade and I also share my strategy. Not because I feel it's the
    best strategy but because I feel that's the best way to know my strategy flaw.
    The more people who know about my strategy and examine the advantages and disadvantages
    of my strategy the more I can improve my strategy to make it better. In the end the mutual
    benefit because I can make a much better strategy and some other time can learn how
    to make money in forex trading as well.

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    Junior Member duta is on a distinguished road duta's Avatar
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    I discussed my strategy with others most of the time. But sometimes I hide his plans for adoption in Forex.
    I told my friends when I got success after the plan. I know that in order to be successful,
    the trader must use his own. strategy. So I do not hide my strategy. In my room, four students live
    and all trade on Forex. So, we communicate with each other to develop our Forex knowledge.

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