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Thread: If You Want to Be Rich…Practice this One Habit.

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    Many investors realize the profit is only a few points, but must bear huge losses because the price continues
    to fall and fall. Investors feel the market is unfair. Even so, there are investors who do not care
    about fluctuations in stock prices. Preferably holding, waiting and seeing, while doing an average down,
    this step is quite effective if the stock price decline is not due to crisis or recession.
    To get rich from forex takes a process, but it would be better if we can read the market ..
    that's my opinion

  2. Lamborghini
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    Exactly. That is a very important point that if you want to succeed in trading,
    then you should start practicing as much as possible. Practice will only give better results
    that everyone wants in the trade. Most newbie traders fail because they do not work hard
    and do not do enough exercise. And the merchants who are willing to work hard will definitely
    get better and better improvements and thus better and better results.

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    This article is a bit controversial when compared to the normal ones sensitive
    to your personal development suggestion feelings because this is TRUTH. If I want to make everyone happy
    and write about rainbows and colorful daisies, birds singing, flowers bloom, etc.,
    then I'd better open a nursery home and take care of the kids. I want to tell the truth straight
    to your face because I've been there and heard the scolding and lies of junk thrown everywhere.

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    if you want to achieve forex trading we must always be able to manipulate emotions.
    it is the most important issue if you can not manage your emotions. despite your capital.
    You may lose. In order to be done both from forex and from other businesses in life,
    you may have to follow any changes related to this business and this requires continuous learning and observation.

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    It depends on the ability and capital, we can manage the system and management of the software itself,
    as well as the emotional stability and self-discipline to deal with using the transaction rules correctly,
    it is not wrong if foreign currency rush to get money quickly like this. will cause negligence.
    Thanks and congratulations pips

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    We do not know, does Forex get rich cities. You have to work hard to achieve success,
    you do not need to spend money on a new shirt. However, I woke up with every penny I could invest in Forex.
    Best post It's best to wait until you get some profit and finally create it yourself.
    If we do we will become rich and will remain and react accordingly.

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    I also spent the same life as the person mentioned in this article. I am a student yet,
    I do not join the party, I do not go on the way, I do not spend money for android phone or iPhone,
    I do not spend money on new jerseys. But I collect every penny of mine to invest in forex.

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    Practice and do not think at all to stop learning and practicing as long as it can be transformed into a trader,
    and then try to think clearly and think about it with reality by comparing our skills
    and skills at that time, you do not remember at all. to make money closer and convert into
    the rich at night, but if they aspire to collect and practice with restraint
    and patience as a skillful problem then, they will realize its function as soon as possible.

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    everyone would want to be rich in forex trading business. But for me, the trader will easily become rich if it can do forex trading well. Therefore I will study and practice trade repair. Very good article Instant rich schemes so far have never worked and the sooner a person realizes that the better he / she becomes with the trade. The well-researched results are executed even if they do not produce immediate results, will give good results in the next stage.

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  15. PAMM
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    If we are all placed in business and also not operating, we can all get out right; do not substantiate your destruction if we are in a winning business, do not communicate ourselves from placement because we are tired of something or may want to reduce the pressure; De facto pressure is part of pure exchange; get acquainted with the stuff In Forex trading, our habit of discipline, tranquility and patience is one of the best practices we should do during our trade bearers. If we really are able to change our emotions when we want to make decisions in trading, we can earn good money in trading.

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