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Thread: Rules of Trading Discipline.

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    discipline is the best factor to make good results in trading activities, we also need good discipline in the system and also in trading activities, because prices are unpredictable and will be very fast, with discipline and money management will make good results in trading activities , didipline can be applied in a demo account of discipline is very important. there is only a decision to follow your plan! You trade the scalp or the long-term swing trade; in the second you have to make a decision at some point if it trades against you. maybe on a long term trading you have a bit more time for the decision. but do not think too much, follow your plan and it's all easy.

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    Success achieved by traders in the market directly correlates with one's trading discipline or its absence. Trade discipline is 90 percent of the game. The formula is very simple: Trade with discipline and you will succeed; trade without discipline and you will fail. In forex trading, discipline means following the rules of your trading system appropriately and precisely. Everyone has a different definition for discipline. Most people think that discipline means seriousness in doing something. This is true but the discipline has a broader meaning when it comes to forex trading. Discipline is a factor to succeed we have a tendency for all grasp. it carries enormous loads in forex as well, however I assume there is a larger size here in forex that carries a lot of weight compared to it. Kowledge is indispensable for example, even we have a good discipline trading strategy ,,, we must discipline in our business plan ,,,

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