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Thread: Is Profitable trading strategy ko Try kare.

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    These trade agreements based on their definition are mutually beneficial ... in the United Kingdom and the related EU interests that have been signed stand during this period, he told business leaders in northeast England. and Regarding any concerns surrounding the new law introduced during the implementation phase, he added: If there are new laws that affect us, we have ways to solve any problems during that period.

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    First decide on your goals how much to invest in it and make a strategy accordingly and make a strategy and implement it in a forex trading plan that is completely different from investors to investors based on past market trends and in the trading business you can use many of the best strategies and get the best money in your trade working in a short-term trading trade long-term trading every trade is very good if your good knowledge in trading is your success if your learning is unsuccessful in trading

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    explain your profitable trading strategy that provides good profit and income to increase our capital and also explain how to use my goal strategy what should we do? and what should we not do? please briefly explain each point. and trade does three things very well: They identify the day trading strategies that are tried, tested. They are 100% disciplined in implementing the strategy. They remain in the tight money management regime

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    Indeed its a very nice strategy but we can not use it on news time. as we can see in above image that after hitting tp(middle bollinger) at about 0.8870 the price still continued to climb and at price 0.8875 we get a sell signal as price touched upper bollinger band.So if you enter there than the price will go against you and the result will be in case of loss.
    So the thing is how to avoid this?
    Ans Is simple. When the price touches the bollinger band than wait for the next candle if it is opposite to the first one than enter the trade otherwise don't.
    Here you can see.

    See Enter at the red arrows(Sorry for my bad drawing) and don't enter at cross.I don't say it becomes perfect but i think risk is reduced.And the most important thing don't use this strategy in news time.

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    yes dear when you enter the trading business with a good trading strategy then get the best profits in trading so watching the full care of trade and getting the best profit in trading work is only your good success strategy and provides good profits in trading and gets the best profit in the trading business and the best profitable trading strategy is local level breakout trading on hourly time frames, intraday trade breakout rates on a 15 minute time frame, using the fact that on certain days of the week, momentum strategies use breakthroughs from standard channel deviations, trading breakouts channels price, built on the highest / lowest price for some periods, when he opens a new day the price often wins back the last hour's movement from the previous day or the gap after the weekend.

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    Sorry, your above posts shows that you are using pairs other than eur/usd. Is this suitable for my favourite pair. I am newbie, so would like to use eur/usd pair only, if you have strategy for this pair, also share here.

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