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Thread: Martingale Lover Coding

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    Martingale Lover Coding

    Here let's join for martingale lovers, let's talk about coding about martingale.

    As we know the general way martingale is to double the lot 2 times, but in its development this way more and more variations. Well there are often forgotten in our attention in this system, that is how to menclose position that is floating. I know there are 2 ways, namely:
    1. Accumulated profit (this way is too dangerous when slippage occurs)
    2. Trailing TP (this is the safest way in close position)

    If for the accumulation of profit coding like this:

    PHP Code:
    if(profit>=tp_in_money|| a>0
    where tp_in_money is an extern double, nah a less know too, please correct me if I am wrong.

    Well that's the problem I am coding for TP trailing that can be set for each level. For example:

    In the input menu like this

    TP 1 = 5
    TP 2 = 10
    TP 3 = 16
    TP 4 = 21
    TP 5 = 23

    So when level 2 hit, then level 2 modify TP to 10 pips while level 1 TP it in modif to TP which equal to level 2
    Then When level 3 hit, then level 3 modify TP to 16 pips while level 1 and 2 TP it in modif to TP same with level 3
    so on .......

    Coding is really confused, about how the master is here, can you help me ???

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