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Thread: EA Double Rebound Technique 100% Profit

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    EA Double Rebound Technique 100% Profit

    hello everyone let me share here yaa

    "Please note, first read the first post from beginning to end you just download the EA that I attached in this post, because in this first post there is a"
    requirement to be followed for this EA 100% profit, so no one said hoax or something like that. .. thanks before "

    after getting the EA I want, according to my promise, I will share this EA to all traders here for FREE

    before I want to thank first to God YME who has guided me in every twists of my life while playing forex, then agan masjarwo who helped find the setting of this EA, mas Cahyo Sunawan my teacher and agan Ardy who introduced this system to me, many others that I can not mention one by one hehe

    according to the title, this EA 100% profit is true, I can say so because I am sure and I have tried it, but there is a need to note also that this EA is true "100% profit for us all and I will guide you all can be successful

    a lot of introduction from me, sorry I'm not good at thread hehe ... we directly ajah ...

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

    first "I will tell you first that this EA is a martiangle hedging process

    this is a requirement to be followed so that all traders can be 100% profit:

    1. I say this EA is only suitable in Instaforex broker, the reason: there are eurica, cent and ****** account big, of course you have to create a fresh account with eurica and cent usd
    2. prepare a capital of about $ 150- $ 250 to run this EA, $ 150 is safe, $ 200 is safer, $ 250 is safest (I recommend $ 200). deposit your money of $ 200 and it will be 20,000 cent, then claim 30% bonus for margin then total 26.000 cent. wah where is there capital that much? easy, agan looking for a friend make a joint and profit divided equally right? hehe
    3. prepare its EA and initial OP lot with 0.1 cent (rp. 10 per pip) smallest lot of insta (for capital 20.000 cent) if want OP with lot initial bigger,
    4. This EA will work full 24h during trading time (non-stop) therefore you must be ready to run MT4 5x24jam or can with service rent VPS set "own gan hehe
    5. Agan understand the techniques that I will share in order to anticipate the multiplication of lots too drastic (lvl 10-12) for that EA can not run without disupiri, in the sense agan still have to monitor

    if the above five conditions are not met, then I am not responsible for any loss in the use of the EA, the risk is borne by each "

    so many conditions that must be considered at the beginning of the EA usage ...

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

    we continue with the EA performance process, many traders use EA as a tool to generate profits, but he himself does not know how the EA is working, EA is just a robot from the results of our settings, so do not carelessly use the EA that we ourselves do not know how he works

    EA there are 2 versions:
    1. Rebound Technique v.132b and Rebound Technique v.132s
    2. Rebound Technique v.122b and Rebound Technique v.122s

    the difference is only on its lot multiplication only, the no 1 is the multiplication of its lot 1x3x2x2x2x2x .... etc .. while the no 2 is the multiplication of its lot 1x2x2x2x2x2x2x ... dst

    then the difference v.132s with v.132b what? if behind [s] the first op he is sell, while the first [b] op is buy

    in the EA there are settings that can agan fox "and should be noted:
    1. the initial lot
    2. stop distance / SD = distance between rebounds
    3. take profit / TP
    4. stop loss / SL (SD + TP = SL)

    before I will tell you about Rebound Technique:

    Pair "Eur / Jpy"
    SD = 20
    TP = 30
    SL = 50

    multiplication lot: 1x3x2x2x2x2x ... etc

    1. buy 130.00 lot 0.1 TP 30 pip at 130.30 SL 50 pip at 129.50 (if TP problem is completed)
    2. if wrong analysis? put sell stop 129.80 lot 0.3 (0.1x3) TP 30 pip at 129.50, if hit TP, auto buy 0.1 it hit SL, that means CLEAR with accumulation 0.1 x -50 (buy) + 0.3 x 30 (sell) = -5 + 9 = 4 (the result is profit)
    3. but if nga got TP how? put buy stop again at initial price of 130.00 lot 0.6 (0.3x2) TP and SL same as no. 1 if hit TP, then sell automatically hit SL with accumulation: 0.7 (buy first + buy second) x 30 + 0.3 x -50 (sell) = 21 - 15 = 6 (the result is profit too)
    4. what if not hit TP again? continue to be continued pending order buy stop and sell stop until TP / SL untouched and the result guaranteed profit
    already understand its process? good now we live determine the right setting for this EA can be more optimal

    1. pair played: I suggest using pair "Eur / Jpy" why? if you already understand how this Technique Rebound work, you should know that the biggest enemy is "sideway" for that I prefer EJ because the daily movement is big and tend to "trending", in other pair I have not found the same thing with EJ because it must be look at the spreads as well

    2. play in TF how yaa gan? EA is without any analysis gan, so if this EA is run, he's a direct op buy / sell position so want in M1, H1, D1, W1 ga problem

    3. TP TP SD settings its how? with Rebound Technique v.132, I prefer to use SD TP SL = 20 30 50 while for Rebound Technique v.122, I have to use SD TP SL = 20 40 60, why is it different? you can try to calculate yourself to find the answer

    4. why is it SD 20 gan? Rebound Technique is in my opinion is perfect for searching ******, so the more he rebounds, the more lots are in use, then ****** is getting bigger, you can use your own settings as you like 30 or 50 is free and the capital can agan accumulate itself to be safe hehe

    so far maybe agan "already understand and already want to try it because basicnya easy just I explain to not arise many questions hehe .....

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

    this is what to note:

    above I already mentioned that there is no EA can run alone or the term must be attended also, well why should this be considered?

    this is the reason:

    we do not know / can not predict the market will be sideway or trending, so from that, if sideway, we will more often OP with lot doubled ", I can not say that even in EJ pair trended it is safe to use this EA without should be monitored, because I have experience my rebound to lvl 13 and not enough capital for OP lot for lvl 14, therefore we need to monitor always and take control of the situation
    therefore we need to learn to control the situation by taking control through the technique, it is actually easy but it needs a sufficient understanding

    1. in my experience using Rebound Technique v.122, I am still able to OP with lots at lvl 13 with initial capital of $ 200
    2. what if he rebounds back up to lvl 14? which is certainly not enough margin to plug the PO to lvl 14 and will Margin Call of course

    this is an anticipation we can take to take control of the EA:

    1. we need time to check our robot performance in making profit
    2. The lvl that happens for us to take control is lvl 10
    3. v.132 = 0.1 0.3 0.6 1.2 2.4 4.8 9.6 19.2 38.4 76.8 153.6
    4. v.122 = 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.6 3.2 6.4 12.8 25.6 51.2 102.4
    5. at the time of your op at lvl 10 or the current lot is 76.8 for v.132 and 51.2 for v.122, that's when you will take full control of this EA
    6. turn off the EA and make sure you take the time to control this EA
    7. change pending order lvl 11 for v.132 from 20 30 50 to 40 50 90 and for v.122 from 20 40 60 to 40 60 100 (this is to anticipate sideway in 20 pips range)
    8. if PO lvl 11 has been touched, then create PO lvl 12 with same setting with rule no. 7, with this lot will be more awake and safer do this up to PO lvl 13

    according to my experience, with the technique never fails to gain profit, and of course profit and ****** is bigger (just imagine 153.6 x 1.7 = ??) hehehe

    and the last one you should be ready to take this steering wheel because otherwise Margin Call will be ready to "approach you hehe

    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

    this is for the latter, what is the setting I am playing at this time?

    I answered simply:
    1. capital: $ 200 (20ribu cent)
    2. EA: Rebound Technique v.132b and Rebound Technique v.132s
    3. SD TP SL = 20 30 50
    4. Broker: Instaforex
    5. initial lot = 0.1 cent

    who want to follow my settings please and do not forget to note the terms that I have given for this technique is true "create 100% profit for you


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