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Thread: द न्यू बोनस सिस्टम - आईएससीए: एफएक्यू

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    द न्यू बोनस सिस्टम - आईएससीए: एफएक्यू

    New Bonus System (ISCA) latest updates:

    Dear participants of the “Bonus for posting” campaign,

    Please pay attention that the way of assessing the forum content will be changed starting July 2017. Now, the content estimate will be carried out with the Intelligent System of Content Analysis (ISCA), which we developed alongside the forum’s sponsors.

    The ISCA will be automatically assessing input of a user into the forum’s interesting and useful content. This will ensure larger bonuses to the users, who develop the forum posting fascinating materials; and at the same time, it will prevent those, who fill the forum with dull materials that meet the campaign rules only formally, from getting undeserved bonuses.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

    1. I had a certain amount of bonus but after some time I see that the amount already increased even though I did not add any new post. How is this possible?

    This is normal. The way the new system works is your bonus will be consistently adjusted during the whole month by using several different parameter. For example:
    in the old system after you post you will get $0.20 so if you post 5 times you will get $0.20 x 5 = $1
    in the new system after you post the rate might increase according to the automatic system so there is a chance that the rate of that 1 post will increase during the whole month.
    Thanks will also play a role in this new system. However, there is also a chance that the rate of your post will decrease. If someone who “Thank” your post is not active in the forum but constantly giving out “Thank” and reach the daily limit (set by the system) then your post’s rate will decrease. The decrease in rate might come immediately or with a delay.

    2. I do not understand how the system calculates the bonus because there is no specific set of rules. How much is the rate for bonus per post? What is the minimum? What are the parameters that will be used to calculate the bonus? Which section of the forum has the highest rate?

    The new system, dubbed as “ISCA”, is a complex system. It uses sophisticated algorithms and the parameter that it uses to calculate the bonus are disclosed. It is better to communicate, exchange information, post good stuff etc than trying to understand completely how the new system works. Afterall, the bonus per post is just a pleasant gift so it should not be considered as the ultimate main goal. Experience has shown that a participant who consistently submit good quality posts that other members feel useful or interesting or great in general can, on average, expect bonuses around $0.5 to $1 for the post. However, pay attention that $1 per post is not the maximum limit rate.
    If you’re just learning how to be a part of a forum community then you can learn how to post in the Free Dialogue section of the forum.

    The numbers in the right column are shown without cuts due to the USD 200 limit set for June, which means the users that should receive over USD 200 according to the new system will still get USD 200. The limit will be extending in every next month. The limit growth rate will depend on the forum development and its traffic.

    3. I thanked a post(s) but then when I check my profile I see that my bonus is reduced. How could this be? Can the bonus be removed?

    If you do not abuse the thank system your bonus will not be decreased. Due to the constant calculation and re-calculation the bonus might appear to increase or decrease and this is just how the system works because it keeps considering the incoming data and the growing database. Immediately after the "thank", you can really see the reduction of the bonus - this is the reaction of the automatic ISCA system, which processes the database consistently. At the next recalculation cycle, the amount will return (not necessarily linear, that is, if there was a "write-off" of 10 rubles, then after recounting, a return of 11.5 rubles is possible (approximate figures)).

    4. Can I ask other members to thank my posts? For example, can I send this request via personal messages (PM), or put the request in my signature so it can be displayed and members can see it?

    No, those things are not allowed and will be treated as spam and it will be followed by blocking the account.

    5. What will happen if a member intentionally thank my post and make it look like it’s a joint effort? What will the new system do about this?

    The only thing that will happen for you is the cancellation of the bonus. However, the member with such negative behavior will suffer a lot more and his forum account and trading account will be blocked.

    6. What is the daily limit for giving thank?

    The amount is not going to be revealed, but it is enough for proper use. It is also possible that it will change.

    7. The thank button disappeared. What happened and what should I do?

    If the thank button disappeared it means you have reached the daily limit for thanking other member’s post. What you must do is simply wait until a new day arrive and you will see that button again. You don’t have to thank all the post that you like in a row.

    8. Is it allowed to create votes and polls that uses thanks?

    No, this is not allowed and will be treated as spam. The only exception is the daily contest "Black Demotivator" where bonus system is disabled.

    9. Why are bonuses in the profile and under the avatar different?

    The amount under the avatar is a marketing indicator that reflects the theoretically possible average bonus from the first day you join the forum.

    Those are the new update for the new bonus system, please study and understand for reference.
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