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Thread: I need advice - husband in depress

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    I need advice - husband in depress

    My husband is 36 years old and has problems at work. Now I earn more than he and this is depressing him. We started having problems with sex. I found on the Internet viabestbuy and I want to buy him pills for potency. Do you think he will react to this normally? The last thing I want it's to hurt him. But I can not any more. We did not have sex for six months.

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    Depression can cause erectile dysfunction

    Depression is one reason of erectile dysfunction, or not able to obtain and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Erection begins with a brain, which circulate the blood to a penile organ during the activity. When you’re depressed, the chemical flood that communicates with regions down south are out of balance. Thus, the message from brain efforts to achieve through to your penis, and your desire for sex decreases.

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