Indian Forex Forum
is pleased to announced that now it will be holding a Regular Alternate-Week Contest, Dollar Monthly Magic (Monthly Contest).

In this Contest, The Participants would just need to Predict How the Current Running Weekly Chart Candlestick of Usd/Chf, Usd/Jpy & Usd/Cad would Look Like once it gets Closed???

The participants would need to Predict Weekly Chart Candles of Usd/Chf, Usd/Jpy & Usd/Cad Pair for Entire Month i.e for Week1, Week2, Week3 & Week4 etc.

The participants should give their Predictions in Respective Thread. The Participants should give their Predictions

Will it Either be a :-

```1.) BULL ````````````` OR````````````2.) BEAR


The Participant who Predicts More Correct Weekly Candles Out of Total 12 Weekly Candles will be announced as a Winner.

Contest Rules

1.) All Registered Members are Eligible to Participate in the Contest, they should just have an Instaforex Account Attached to their Profiles before Participation.

**Full Eligibility:- The Participant should have ONE Good/Sensible Newly Created, Moderator Approved Thread of More than 10 Lines.

If Winner Fails to have ONE Good/Sensible Newly Created, Moderator Approved Thread then his 50% of Prize Money will be Deducted & Credited among other Winners / Second Best / will be wasted.

**The Participants should submit their Threads in this Section before 15th Date of Every Month to Gain Full Eligibility:- http://indian-forex.com/forumdisplay...Thread-Section

2.) The Contest is scheduled to run on Every Month.

3.) The Contest will Start on Every First Monday of the Month & will run for a Period of 4 Weeks.

4.) For Every Week, Predictions made by Participants will be accepted between Monday from 00.00 Insta Terminal Time & we will be closed on Tuesday at 20.59.00 Insta Terminal Time. i.e Predictions will be accepted before 48 hours time from the New Weekly Candle Open Time.

5.) Participants would need to give their Predictions in the Respective Thread in Different Posts in following Format:-

  • Week1:- Usd/Chf - Bull, Usd/Jpy - Bear, Usd/cad - Bull.
  • Week2:- Usd/Chf - Bull, Usd/Jpy - Bear, Usd/cad - Bull.
  • Week3:- Usd/Chf - Bull, Usd/Jpy - Bear, Usd/cad - Bull.
  • Week4:- Usd/Chf - Bull, Usd/Jpy - Bear, Usd/cad - Bull.

7.) Editing of the Post is NOT Allowed after time limit and will result in Disqualification.

8.) The Winners of the Contest will be known once the Contest gets Over.

9.) The Winners will be Announced within First 7 Days of Every Month.

10.) The Total Prize Pool for this Contest will be $200 & it will be Distributed Equally among the Winners.

11.) At Max there will be only 5 winners and the participant who's Submitted Thread Quality is Higher will be Considered over Other Participants. If 2 Participants have Almost Equal Thread Quality then the Participants who have given his/her prediction first will be selected ahead of the other Participant.

12.) The Prize Bonus will be credited to Winners attached InstaForex Account within 1 week after the announcement of the results.

13.) The Final Result of the Candlestick Pattern Generated will be confirmed using InstaForex MT4 Trading Terminal.

14.) The Prize bonus is unwithdrawable, however you can withdraw profit earned from it without any limitations.

15.) If a winner doesn't have his/her account attached at the time of forwarding the winner details, his prize will be lost!

16.) Usage of Multiple Accounts or any Fraud Activity will result in Permanent Disqualification from the Weekly Contest Campaign.


1. BULL:- If a Weekly Candle Closes above it's Open Price then it is Said to be a BULL.

2. BEAR:- If a Weekly Candle Closes below it's Open Price then it is Said to be a BEAR.

3. Third Situation:- If a Weekly Candle Closes on it's Open Price then at this time if the Previous Weekly Candle is a BULL then this Candle will be declared as BULL. If the Previous Weekly Candle is BEAR then this Candle will be declared as BEAR.


Weekly Predictions will be Accepted before Tuesday 11.59 p.m IST GMT+5.30