Indian Forex Forum is very excited to Launch a Once in a Life Time Contest "Moderators Hunt Contest" where each Member of the Forum will get an Opportunity to Participate in this Contest & Showcase his Moderation Skills.

The Participants with TOP Moderation Skills will be entitled to Win Exciting Prizes & An Opportunity to Become a Jr. Moderator of Indian Forex Forum.


1. In this Contest, the Participants would need to examine, moderate & search for Spammers in the Entire Forum either by searching through naked eye or by using the Newest Posts Tool http://indian-forex.com/search.php?d...e=vBForum_Post

**With this Tool you all can easily see the Threads in which the most newest posts has been posted by the forum members.

2. The Participants should look, search & report for CopyPaste Spammers Only.

**CopyPaste Spammers:-

a.) Doing Copypaste of his Own Full Post in Same Thread or Different Threads.
b.) Doing Copypaste of Other Member's Full Post in Same Thread or Different Threads.
c.) Doing Partial Copypaste of his Own Post in Same Thread or Different Threads.
d.) Doing Partial Copypaste of Other Member's Post in Same Thread or Different Threads.
e.) Doing Copypaste of his Own Post in Same Thread or Different Threads by Re-Arranging, Jumbling or Spinning his Own Post.
f.) Doing Copypaste of Other Member's Post in Same Thread or Different Threads by Re-Arranging, Jumbling or Spinning his Own Post.

Note:- For a.) Doing Copypaste of his Own Full Post in Same Thread. For this Kind of CopyPaste Make sure that it is not because of mistake because this happens when a member submits his post twice in the same thread due to technical glitches. In this Case, the member won't be considered as a copypaste spammer.

3. The Participants should Report such CopyPaste Spammers in the Following Section:- http://indian-forex.com/forumdisplay.php?58-Report-CopyPaste-Spammers

4. While Reporting CopyPaste Spammers, the Participants should specify their category, out of above a, b, c, d, e & f categories. And, should provide proofs, links to their posts & should explain their claim, why they think he/she is a CopyPaste Spammer.

5. Only 1 Spammer should be reported at a time with all the Detailed Proofs & explanation in a Single Post.

6. For Searching the Suspected Copypaste Spammer, you can use the Following Tool to Find your Proof & confirm that Is he/she a CopyPaste Spammer? or Not? Searching Tool:- http://indian-forex.com/search.php?search_type=1

7. The Reported CopyPaste Spammer should be an Active Member i.e his Last Post should be After 1st June 2016.


1. Every Registered Members of Indian Forex Forum is entitled to Participate in the Contest.

2. All Participating Members should have their InstaForex Account Attached to their Profile.

3. The Contest will Start on 1st August 2016 & will be Closed on 1st September 2016.

4. The Participants should only Report CopyPaste Spammers & Should not Report Other Spammers.

5. For Each Right Copypaste Spammers Reporting, the Participant will get +10 Points.

6. For Each Wrong Copypaste Spammers Reporting, the Participant will get -5 Points.

7. For Reporting Spammers Other than CopyPaste Spammers, the Participant will get -10 Points.

8. The Participant who Reported the Copypaste Spammers which was already been reported by someone else will get 0 Points.

9. The Copypaste Spammer Reported Earlier Only will get Counted.


a. First Step of the Contest will Run from 1st Aug to 14th Aug 2016 & Second Step will Run from 17th Aug to 1st Sep 2016.

b. On 15th & 16th Aug the Result of First Step will be Declared. So that the Participants will get a Clear Understanding, What is their Score & whether their Reporting is Correct or Not? And, Where they are Standing in Terms of Points after Half Contest is Over.

10. The Participants with Highest Points Score at the End of the Contest will be Declared Winner.

11. The Top 5 Winners will get Prize Bonus of $100, $85, $70, $55 & $40 respectively.

12. The Contest Results will be declared within 10 Days after the Contest has been Finished.

13. The Prize bonus is unwithdrawable, however you can withdraw profit earned from it without any limitations.

14. If a winner doesn't have his/her account attached at the time of forwarding the winner details, his prize will be lost!

15. Usage of Multiple Accounts or any Fraud Activity will result in Disqualification from the Contest Campaign.

16. The Participants with the Highest Points Score will be Preferred First for the Jr. Moderator Job & will be Contacted First by the Administrative Team for Hiring Process & if the Participants Agrees to All Terms & Condition then he will be Hired.

17. If The Participants Rejects the Offer or If the Participants Fails the Verification (i.e Administrative Team will verify the member first so that Forum doesn't ends up Hiring a Spammer as Jr. Moderator). Thus, if the Participant Rejects the Offer or Fails the Verification then the Administrative Team will consider next available Highest Point Scorer.

18. Like This, The Administrative Team will Carry Out it's Process to Hire 3 Jr. Moderators for the Forum.



1. How to use Searching Tool:- http://indian-forex.com/search.php?search_type=1If you think that this member is doing copypaste then select some of his sentence or some words or entire post & search that post by pasting it in the Keyword box using the following settings as shown in the image below then if there is some match then you will get the posts which are matching to your submitted keyword & then you can check that posts & see if you gets some proof that the members was doing CopyPaste or Not?