The US dollar stabilized on Wednesday within a specified range of transactions against a basket of major and minor currencies as investors awaited later in the day the Federal Reserve's decisions on interest US monetary policy rates, also settled the New Zealand dollar against its US counterpart before the announcement of the central bank's decision on interest New Zealand rates .
The US dollar index is trading by the time 11:40 GMT on the level of 99.06 points from the opening level of 99.06 points and recorded the highest level of 99.16 points and 98.98 points, the lowest level.
Yesterday, the index fell 0.3 percent, its second daily loss in a row, after thou receding expectations of raising US interest rates on the positive impact data in the United States showed a higher-than-expected consumer confidence largest economy in the world during January.
The Commission concludes today open the monetary policies of Federal Reserve extended its regular meeting since yesterday, to discuss the appropriate monetary policy to developments in the growth of the world's largest economy, to issue its decisions by 19:00 GMT.
Depending on the economists expected the Commission to keep interest rates at current levels between 0.25 percent: 0.50 percent, after the previous meeting have been filed by 25 basis points for the first time since 2006.
Committee confirmed its previous statement on monetary policy to follow a ****ual approach to raising interest rates, a target rate of 1.5 percent by the end of this year, through price increases to four times without setting specific dates, depending on the improvement in economic data and the acceleration of inflation in the country.
However, the data released recently in the United States have reduced the chances of raising interest rates for the second meeting in a row, especially inflation, which recorded a contraction of data than expected in December last December.
The focus of investors through the statement issued today in terms of monetary policy makers about what is happening in the global markets recently, especially in light of the instability of the global economy and the continuing collapse of oil prices.
And issued earlier in the decisions of the Federal Reserve, important for the US housing sector data represented in new home sales, is forecast to add 501 thousand new homes in December, up from 460 thousand homes were added in November.
New Zealand dollar is trading versus its US counterpart by the time 11:50 GMT on the level of 0.6490 from an opening price of 0.6495 and recorded the highest price of 0.6515, 0.6471, the lowest price.
New Zealand dollar held within a narrow range of trading versus its US counterpart, as investors awaited the decisions of the Central Bank of New Zealand at the end of its regular meeting, and trade balance data in the country in December.
The central bank decisions issued by 20:00 GMT is expected to keep interest rates at their current level of 2.50 percent, after reduction of the previous meeting by 25 basis points to support the recovery of the New Zealand economy, which is heavily weakness recently due to falling commodity prices, especially milk prices New Zealand, the fact that the largest source of milk in the world.
And issued by the time 21:45 GMT New Zealand trade balance data, the expected decline in the deficit to NZ $ 131 million in December from a deficit of about $ 779 million in November, with rising exports to NZ $ 4.38 billion from $ 4.08 billion NZD.