During my research painstaking for an effective program for programming and making Alaaksbertat in the net and found that the program

(Visual Traders Studio (VTS

The working principle of drag and drop in the sense that the user is working scheme or algorithm through the program of the Expert to be made ​​and the program will convert it to Expert
Because the program is a huge potential, large and its ramifications , I wish that his experience and his studies
And actually I got demo version that is supposed to operate for 10 days and tried to break the demo period using crack lock program To keep permanent perception of me success breakage and embarked on his studies and due to the lack of resources that explain this program only suffered a lot , depending on myself through trial and error and try and through Video clips explaining the program but comes in English and reached a general principle and the first steps to use the program, but after much effort
So I intend Open theme or workshop to present and discuss the possibilities of the program to benefit from it valued members and the brothers relieve programmers, so that all depends on the trader himself to making the Expert without knowing that requires considerable knowledge of the language of the mql4
But after a 15- day program Lock
The problem is not only for its price and I paid for it , but because I work on the principle of the demo I do not have a means of payment such as Visa card or other
I hope those who have a crack activation of this program, or who can work crack activate him or any means make it permanent works to extend our helping hand
I extend my thanks and gratitude to him

The program site link


And if necessary raise the program will do
note of the size of 137 mega bytes
Thank you for all