Ema 12 call a
ema 24 call b

Trailing stop:
Avgraing :true/false
avg :03
avgtp :03

entry rule : Buy
a cross b up side open buy order

entry rule : Sell
a cross b down side open buy order


more profitable call input breakout

u can use if sl hit or avg is true

open lot size 4 time higher in set lot size use


open lot size 0.01 @ buy 1.1300 tp 1.1330 sl 1.1270 is market come down sl hit open
sell 0.05 exit order ur loss +2pip
3$ loss if u can exit order in 10pip 5$ profit
================================================== =========

same condition on avg true no sl is disable and open set avgsl set order same direcation but profitable condition apply on this condition also and only 3 trade work
pls also input option set how much trade u went this condition call as breakout