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Thread: Follow money management help.

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    Forex money management is a very important subject for a trader. Money management is the process by which a trader sucks their account savings. Good money management to protect your account capital. If you follow good money management is a very low risk of capital risk. My opinion forex money management is a vital part of forex trading. Almost all new Forex traders do not know how to manage their trading accounts. That's why we do or recover our losses and eventually our account balance goes to zero. The risk to reward ratio is important here.

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    Yes, following money management is very important for traders.
    Because forex is a very risky trading business where the losses faced are very common.
    Many times it seems that traders with a lot of trading experience face losses due to lack of money management.
    The proper use of money management helps the merchant keep his soul safe and keeps his account safe from blows.

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    Junior Member roro mbeheun is on a distinguished road roro mbeheun's Avatar
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    In my knowledge, though not money management,
    you can make a profit on the actual short term, but not on the actual long operation.
    Money management in forex is a versatile and varied thing like the market itself.
    The real universal rule is actually that each real trader in this particular market must practice some of these types to be successful.

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    there are a lot of risks in forex trading but a good and experienced trader learns how to turn the risk factor into an opportunity to make profit from a trade but since there is nothing certain about the profit in the market the trader also takes caution through effecting a good money management strategy in the trade

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